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PDS_VERSION_ID        = PDS3                                                  
RECORD_TYPE           = STREAM                                                
OBJECT                = TEXT                                                  
  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT    = ASCII                                               
  PUBLICATION_DATE      =  2017-08-07
  NOTE                  = "Introduction to this archive volume."              
END_OBJECT            = TEXT                                                  
                Volume ID: RORSI_2515
                Data from Experiments on 2015/106
                RO COMET ESCORT 2
                    Rheinisches Institut fuer Umweltforschung                 
                           at the University of Cologne                       
                         Department of Planetary Research                     
     This electronic media contains archival raw, partially processed, and
     ancillary/supporting radio science data acquired during the 
     The definition of the mission phases
     is given in CATALOG/MISSION.CAT.

The radio observations were carried out using the ROS spacecraft and 
Earth based receiving station in New Norcia, Australia (ESA), or the DSN
stations (NASA). 

Each disc in the volume set contains data from one day of the mission
phase. Data are organized in approximate chronological order, though
receipt at Cologne was generally more important in determining 
placement than strict order of generation or applicability. If data
are not or just incomplete available for archiving, the affected day will
be skipped. The archiving of this day takes place some time later. For
this reason a strict chronological order of data organization can not be
adhered to. A table of contents is included with each volume, listing
each file in the volume; a separate table of contents shows all files
within the data set.       
The table below lists the individual volumes (CDs) created to date and
(very briefly) their respective contents.                             

  RSI VOLUME ID    VOLUME_ID     Start Date    Measurement
  -------------    ----------    ----------    -------------
  RORSI_0001       RORSI_0001    2004-03-26    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0002       RORSI_0002    2004-03-27    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0003       RORSI_0003    2004-03-28    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0004       RORSI_0004    2004-03-29    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0005       RORSI_0005    2004-05-02    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0006       RORSI_0006    2004-05-03    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0007       RORSI_0007    2004-05-04    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0008       RORSI_0008    2004-05-05    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0009       RORSI_0009    2004-05-06    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0010       RORSI_0010    2004-09-11    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0011       RORSI_0011    2004-10-09    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0012       RORSI_5001    2005-04-06    Checkout               
  RORSI_0013       RORSI_5002    2005-04-06    Checkout 
  RORSI_0014       RORSI_5003    2005-09-29    Checkout 
  RORSI_0015       RORSI_3001    2006-03-02    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0016       RORSI_3021    2006-03-15    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0017       RORSI_3007    2006-03-16    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0018       RORSI_3002    2006-03-22    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0019       RORSI_3003    2006-03-23    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0020       RORSI_3004    2006-03-24    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0021       RORSI_3005    2006-03-28    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0022       RORSI_3006    2006-03-29    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0023       RORSI_3008    2006-03-30    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0024       RORSI_3009    2006-03-31    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0025       RORSI_3010    2006-04-01    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0026       RORSI_3011    2006-04-04    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0027       RORSI_3024    2006-04-05    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0028       RORSI_3012    2006-04-06    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0029       RORSI_3013    2006-04-07    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0030       RORSI_3014    2006-04-08    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0031       RORSI_3015    2006-04-10    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0032       RORSI_3025    2006-04-15    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0033       RORSI_3026    2006-04-16    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0034       RORSI_3027    2006-04-17    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0035       RORSI_3036    2006-04-18    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0036       RORSI_3029    2006-04-19    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0037       RORSI_3016    2006-04-20    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0038       RORSI_3030    2006-04-21    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0039       RORSI_3031    2006-04-22    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0040       RORSI_3017    2006-04-23    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0041       RORSI_3018    2006-04-24    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0042       RORSI_3032    2006-04-25    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0043       RORSI_3019    2006-04-26    Solar Conjunction       
  RORSI_0044       RORSI_3020    2006-04-27    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0045       RORSI_3037    2006-04-28    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0046       RORSI_3022    2006-04-29    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0047       RORSI_3038    2006-05-02    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0048       RORSI_3039    2006-05-03    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0049       RORSI_3023    2006-05-04    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0050       RORSI_3040    2006-05-09    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0051       RORSI_3041    2006-05-10    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0052       RORSI_5004    2006-08-22    Checkout 
  RORSI_0053       RORSI_5005    2006-11-22    Checkout 
  RORSI_0060       RORSI_5006    2007-05-15    Checkout 
  RORSI_0061       RORSI_5007    2007-10-10    Checkout 
  RORSI_0063       RORSI_5008    2008-01-03    Checkout 
  RORSI_0064       RORSI_5009    2008-11-04    Checkout
  RORSI_0120       RORSI_3033    2006-11-04    Solar Conjunction
  RORSI_0120       RORSI_6001    2010-07-10    Lutetia
  RORSI_0121       RORSI_3028    2006-04-12    Solar Conjunction
  RORSI_0122       RORSI_3034    2006-04-13    Solar Conjunction
  RORSI_0123       RORSI_3035    2006-04-13    Solar Conjunction 
  RORSI_0181       RORSI_2001    2014-08-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0182       RORSI_2002    2014-08-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0183       RORSI_2003    2014-08-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0184       RORSI_2004    2014-08-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0185       RORSI_2005    2014-08-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0186       RORSI_2006    2014-08-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0187       RORSI_2007    2014-08-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0188       RORSI_2008    2014-08-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0189       RORSI_2009    2014-08-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0190       RORSI_2010    2014-08-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0191       RORSI_2011    2014-08-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0192       RORSI_2012    2014-08-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0193       RORSI_2013    2014-08-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0194       RORSI_2014    2014-08-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0195       RORSI_2015    2014-08-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0196       RORSI_2016    2014-08-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0197       RORSI_2017    2014-08-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0198       RORSI_2018    2014-08-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0199       RORSI_2019    2014-08-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0200       RORSI_2020    2014-08-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0201       RORSI_2021    2014-08-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0202       RORSI_2022    2014-08-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0203       RORSI_2023    2014-08-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0204       RORSI_2024    2014-08-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0205       RORSI_2025    2014-08-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0206       RORSI_2026    2014-08-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0207       RORSI_2027    2014-08-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0208       RORSI_2028    2014-08-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0209       RORSI_2029    2014-08-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0210       RORSI_2030    2014-08-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0211       RORSI_2031    2014-08-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0212       RORSI_2032    2014-08-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0213       RORSI_2033    2014-08-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0214       RORSI_2034    2014-08-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0215       RORSI_2035    2014-08-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0216       RORSI_2036    2014-08-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0217       RORSI_2037    2014-08-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0218       RORSI_2038    2014-08-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0219       RORSI_2039    2014-08-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0220       RORSI_2040    2014-08-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0221       RORSI_2041    2014-08-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0222       RORSI_2042    2014-08-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0223       RORSI_2043    2014-08-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0224       RORSI_2044    2014-08-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0225       RORSI_2045    2014-08-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0226       RORSI_2046    2014-08-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0227       RORSI_2072    2014-08-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0228       RORSI_2047    2014-08-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0229       RORSI_2048    2014-08-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0230       RORSI_2049    2014-08-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0231       RORSI_2050    2014-08-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0232       RORSI_2051    2014-08-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0233       RORSI_2052    2014-08-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0234       RORSI_2053    2014-08-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0235       RORSI_2054    2014-08-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0236       RORSI_2055    2014-08-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0237       RORSI_2056    2014-08-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0238       RORSI_2057    2014-08-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0239       RORSI_2059    2014-08-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0240       RORSI_2058    2014-08-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0241       RORSI_2060    2014-08-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0242       RORSI_2061    2014-08-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0243       RORSI_2062    2014-08-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0244       RORSI_2063    2014-08-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0245       RORSI_2064    2014-08-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0246       RORSI_2065    2014-08-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0247       RORSI_2066    2014-08-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0248       RORSI_2067    2014-08-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0249       RORSI_2068    2014-08-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0250       RORSI_2069    2014-08-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0251       RORSI_2070    2014-08-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0252       RORSI_2071    2014-08-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0253       RORSI_2073    2014-08-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0254       RORSI_2074    2014-08-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0255       RORSI_2075    2014-08-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0256       RORSI_2076    2014-08-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0257       RORSI_2077    2014-08-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0258       RORSI_2078    2014-08-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0259       RORSI_2079    2014-08-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0260       RORSI_2080    2014-08-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0261       RORSI_2081    2014-08-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0262       RORSI_2082    2014-08-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0263       RORSI_2083    2014-08-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0264       RORSI_2084    2014-09-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0265       RORSI_2085    2014-09-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0266       RORSI_2086    2014-09-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0267       RORSI_2087    2014-09-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0268       RORSI_2088    2014-09-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0269       RORSI_2089    2014-09-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0270       RORSI_2090    2014-09-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0271       RORSI_2091    2014-09-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0272       RORSI_2092    2014-09-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0273       RORSI_2093    2014-09-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0274       RORSI_2094    2014-09-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0275       RORSI_2095    2014-09-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0276       RORSI_2096    2014-09-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0277       RORSI_2097    2014-09-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0278       RORSI_2098    2014-09-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0279       RORSI_2099    2014-09-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0280       RORSI_2100    2014-09-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0281       RORSI_2101    2014-09-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0282       RORSI_2102    2014-09-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0283       RORSI_2103    2014-09-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0284       RORSI_2104    2014-09-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0285       RORSI_2105    2014-09-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0286       RORSI_2106    2014-09-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0287       RORSI_2107    2014-09-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0288       RORSI_2108    2014-09-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0289       RORSI_2109    2014-09-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0290       RORSI_2110    2014-09-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0291       RORSI_2111    2014-09-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0292       RORSI_2112    2014-09-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0293       RORSI_2113    2014-09-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0294       RORSI_2114    2014-09-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0295       RORSI_2115    2014-09-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0296       RORSI_2116    2014-09-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0297       RORSI_2117    2014-09-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0298       RORSI_2118    2014-09-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0299       RORSI_2119    2014-09-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0300       RORSI_2120    2014-09-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0301       RORSI_2121    2014-09-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0302       RORSI_2122    2014-09-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0303       RORSI_2123    2014-09-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0304       RORSI_2124    2014-09-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0305       RORSI_2125    2014-09-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0306       RORSI_2126    2014-09-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0307       RORSI_2127    2014-09-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0308       RORSI_2128    2014-09-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0309       RORSI_2129    2014-09-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0310       RORSI_2130    2014-09-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0311       RORSI_2131    2014-09-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0312       RORSI_2132    2014-09-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0313       RORSI_2133    2014-09-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0314       RORSI_2134    2014-09-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0315       RORSI_2135    2014-09-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0316       RORSI_2136    2014-09-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0317       RORSI_2137    2014-09-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0318       RORSI_2138    2014-09-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0319       RORSI_2139    2014-09-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0320       RORSI_2140    2014-09-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0321       RORSI_2141    2014-09-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0322       RORSI_2142    2014-09-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0323       RORSI_2143    2014-09-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0324       RORSI_2144    2014-09-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0325       RORSI_2145    2014-09-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0326       RORSI_2146    2014-09-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0327       RORSI_2147    2014-09-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0328       RORSI_2148    2014-10-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0329       RORSI_2149    2014-10-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0330       RORSI_2150    2014-10-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0331       RORSI_2151    2014-10-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0332       RORSI_2152    2014-10-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0333       RORSI_2153    2014-10-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0334       RORSI_2154    2014-10-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0335       RORSI_2155    2014-10-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0336       RORSI_2156    2014-10-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0337       RORSI_2157    2014-10-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0338       RORSI_2158    2014-10-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0339       RORSI_2159    2014-10-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0340       RORSI_2160    2014-10-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0341       RORSI_2161    2014-10-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0342       RORSI_2162    2014-10-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0343       RORSI_2163    2014-10-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0344       RORSI_2164    2014-10-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0345       RORSI_2165    2014-10-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0346       RORSI_2166    2014-10-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0347       RORSI_2167    2014-10-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0348       RORSI_2168    2014-10-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0349       RORSI_2169    2014-10-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0350       RORSI_2170    2014-10-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0351       RORSI_2171    2014-10-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0352       RORSI_2172    2014-10-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0353       RORSI_2173    2014-10-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0354       RORSI_2174    2014-10-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0355       RORSI_2175    2014-10-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0356       RORSI_2176    2014-10-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0357       RORSI_2177    2014-10-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0358       RORSI_2178    2014-10-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0359       RORSI_2179    2014-10-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0360       RORSI_2180    2014-10-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0361       RORSI_2181    2014-10-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0362       RORSI_2182    2014-10-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0364       RORSI_2183    2014-10-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0365       RORSI_2184    2014-10-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0366       RORSI_2185    2014-10-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0367       RORSI_2186    2014-10-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0368       RORSI_2187    2014-10-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0369       RORSI_2188    2014-10-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0370       RORSI_2189    2014-10-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0371       RORSI_2190    2014-10-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0372       RORSI_2191    2014-10-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0373       RORSI_2192    2014-10-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0374       RORSI_2193    2014-10-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0375       RORSI_2194    2014-10-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0376       RORSI_2195    2014-10-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0377       RORSI_2196    2014-10-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0378       RORSI_2197    2014-10-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0379       RORSI_2198    2014-10-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0380       RORSI_2199    2014-10-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0381       RORSI_2200    2014-10-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0383       RORSI_2201    2014-10-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0384       RORSI_2202    2014-10-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0385       RORSI_2203    2014-10-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0386       RORSI_2204    2014-10-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0387       RORSI_2205    2014-10-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0388       RORSI_2206    2014-10-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0389       RORSI_2207    2014-10-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0390       RORSI_2208    2014-10-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0391       RORSI_2209    2014-10-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0392       RORSI_2210    2014-10-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0393       RORSI_2211    2014-10-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0394       RORSI_2212    2014-10-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0395       RORSI_2213    2014-10-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0396       RORSI_2214    2014-10-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0397       RORSI_2215    2014-10-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0398       RORSI_2216    2014-10-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0400       RORSI_2217    2014-11-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0402       RORSI_2218    2014-11-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0403       RORSI_2219    2014-11-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0404       RORSI_2220    2014-11-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0405       RORSI_2221    2014-11-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0406       RORSI_2222    2014-11-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0408       RORSI_2223    2014-11-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0409       RORSI_2224    2014-11-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0410       RORSI_2225    2014-11-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0412       RORSI_2226    2014-11-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0414       RORSI_2227    2014-11-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0416       RORSI_2228    2014-11-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0418       RORSI_2229    2014-11-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0420       RORSI_2230    2014-11-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0422       RORSI_2231    2014-11-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0423       RORSI_2232    2014-11-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0424       RORSI_2233    2014-11-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0426       RORSI_2234    2014-11-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0427       RORSI_2235    2014-11-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0428       RORSI_2236    2014-11-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0430       RORSI_2237    2014-11-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0431       RORSI_2238    2014-11-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0432       RORSI_2239    2014-11-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0434       RORSI_2240    2014-11-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0435       RORSI_2241    2014-11-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0436       RORSI_2242    2014-11-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0437       RORSI_2243    2014-11-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0439       RORSI_2244    2014-11-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0440       RORSI_2245    2014-11-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0441       RORSI_2246    2014-11-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0442       RORSI_2247    2014-11-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0443       RORSI_2248    2014-11-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0444       RORSI_2249    2014-11-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0445       RORSI_2250    2014-11-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0446       RORSI_2251    2014-11-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0447       RORSI_2252    2014-11-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0448       RORSI_2253    2014-11-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0449       RORSI_2254    2014-11-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0450       RORSI_2255    2014-11-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0451       RORSI_2256    2014-11-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0452       RORSI_2257    2014-11-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0453       RORSI_2258    2014-11-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0454       RORSI_2259    2014-11-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0455       RORSI_2260    2014-11-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0456       RORSI_2261    2014-11-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0457       RORSI_2262    2014-11-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0458       RORSI_2263    2014-11-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0459       RORSI_2264    2014-11-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0460       RORSI_2265    2014-11-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0461       RORSI_2266    2014-11-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0462       RORSI_2267    2014-11-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0463       RORSI_2268    2014-11-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0464       RORSI_2269    2014-11-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0465       RORSI_2270    2014-11-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0466       RORSI_2271    2014-11-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0467       RORSI_2272    2014-11-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0468       RORSI_2273    2014-12-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0469       RORSI_2274    2014-12-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0470       RORSI_2275    2014-12-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0471       RORSI_2276    2014-12-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0472       RORSI_2277    2014-12-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0473       RORSI_2278    2014-12-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0474       RORSI_2279    2014-12-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0475       RORSI_2284    2014-12-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0476       RORSI_2280    2014-12-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0477       RORSI_2283    2014-12-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0478       RORSI_2281    2014-12-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0479       RORSI_2282    2014-12-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0480       RORSI_2285    2014-12-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0481       RORSI_2286    2014-12-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0482       RORSI_2287    2014-12-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0483       RORSI_2288    2014-12-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0484       RORSI_2289    2014-12-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0485       RORSI_2290    2014-12-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0486       RORSI_2294    2014-12-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0487       RORSI_2291    2014-12-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0488       RORSI_2292    2014-12-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0489       RORSI_2293    2014-12-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0490       RORSI_2295    2014-12-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0491       RORSI_2296    2014-12-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0492       RORSI_2297    2014-12-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0493       RORSI_2298    2014-12-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0494       RORSI_2299    2014-12-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0495       RORSI_2300    2014-12-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0496       RORSI_2301    2014-12-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0497       RORSI_2302    2014-12-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0498       RORSI_2303    2014-12-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0499       RORSI_2304    2014-12-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0500       RORSI_2305    2014-12-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0501       RORSI_2306    2014-12-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0502       RORSI_2307    2014-12-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0503       RORSI_2308    2014-12-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0504       RORSI_2309    2014-12-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0505       RORSI_2310    2014-12-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0506       RORSI_2311    2014-12-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0507       RORSI_2312    2014-12-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0508       RORSI_2313    2014-12-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0509       RORSI_2314    2014-12-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0510       RORSI_2315    2014-12-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0511       RORSI_2316    2014-12-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0512       RORSI_2317    2014-12-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0513       RORSI_2318    2014-12-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0514       RORSI_2319    2014-12-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0515       RORSI_2321    2014-12-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0516       RORSI_2322    2014-12-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0517       RORSI_2323    2015-01-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0518       RORSI_2324    2015-01-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0519       RORSI_2325    2015-01-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0520       RORSI_2326    2015-01-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0521       RORSI_2327    2015-01-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0522       RORSI_2328    2015-01-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0523       RORSI_2329    2015-01-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0524       RORSI_2330    2015-01-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0525       RORSI_2331    2015-01-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0526       RORSI_2332    2015-01-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0527       RORSI_2333    2015-01-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0528       RORSI_2334    2015-01-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0529       RORSI_2320    2014-12-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0530       RORSI_2335    2015-01-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0531       RORSI_2336    2015-01-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0532       RORSI_2337    2015-01-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0533       RORSI_2338    2015-01-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0534       RORSI_2339    2015-01-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0535       RORSI_2340    2015-01-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0536       RORSI_2341    2015-01-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0537       RORSI_2342    2015-01-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0538       RORSI_2343    2015-01-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0539       RORSI_2344    2015-01-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0540       RORSI_2345    2015-01-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0541       RORSI_2346    2015-01-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0542       RORSI_2347    2015-01-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0543       RORSI_2348    2015-01-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0544       RORSI_2349    2015-01-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0545       RORSI_2350    2015-01-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0546       RORSI_2351    2015-01-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0547       RORSI_2352    2015-01-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0548       RORSI_2353    2015-01-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0549       RORSI_2354    2015-01-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0550       RORSI_2355    2015-01-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0551       RORSI_2356    2015-01-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0552       RORSI_2357    2015-01-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0553       RORSI_2358    2015-01-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0554       RORSI_2359    2015-01-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0555       RORSI_2360    2015-01-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0556       RORSI_2361    2015-01-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0557       RORSI_2362    2015-01-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0558       RORSI_2363    2015-02-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0559       RORSI_2364    2015-02-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0560       RORSI_2365    2015-02-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0561       RORSI_2366    2015-02-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0562       RORSI_2367    2015-02-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0563       RORSI_2368    2015-02-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0564       RORSI_2369    2015-02-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0565       RORSI_2370    2015-02-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0566       RORSI_2371    2015-02-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0567       RORSI_2372    2015-02-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0568       RORSI_2373    2015-02-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0569       RORSI_2374    2015-02-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0570       RORSI_2375    2015-02-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0571       RORSI_2376    2015-02-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0572       RORSI_2377    2015-02-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0573       RORSI_2378    2015-02-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0574       RORSI_2379    2015-02-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0575       RORSI_2380    2015-02-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0576       RORSI_2381    2015-02-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0577       RORSI_2382    2015-02-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0578       RORSI_2383    2015-02-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0579       RORSI_2384    2015-02-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0580       RORSI_2385    2015-02-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0581       RORSI_2386    2015-02-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0582       RORSI_2387    2015-02-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0583       RORSI_2388    2015-02-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0584       RORSI_2389    2015-02-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0585       RORSI_2390    2015-02-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0586       RORSI_2391    2015-02-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0587       RORSI_2392    2015-02-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0588       RORSI_2393    2015-02-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0590       RORSI_2394    2015-02-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0591       RORSI_2395    2015-02-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0592       RORSI_2396    2015-02-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0593       RORSI_2397    2015-02-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0594       RORSI_2398    2015-02-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0595       RORSI_2399    2015-02-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0596       RORSI_2400    2015-02-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0597       RORSI_2401    2015-02-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0598       RORSI_2402    2015-02-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0599       RORSI_2403    2015-02-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0600       RORSI_2404    2015-02-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0601       RORSI_2405    2015-02-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0602       RORSI_2406    2015-02-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0603       RORSI_2407    2015-02-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0604       RORSI_2408    2015-02-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0605       RORSI_2409    2015-02-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0606       RORSI_2410    2015-02-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0607       RORSI_2411    2015-02-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0608       RORSI_2412    2015-02-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0609       RORSI_2413    2015-02-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0610       RORSI_2414    2015-02-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0611       RORSI_2415    2015-02-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0612       RORSI_2416    2015-02-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0613       RORSI_2417    2015-03-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0614       RORSI_2418    2015-03-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0615       RORSI_2419    2015-03-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0616       RORSI_2420    2015-03-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0617       RORSI_2421    2015-03-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0618       RORSI_2422    2015-03-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0619       RORSI_2423    2015-03-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0620       RORSI_2424    2015-03-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0621       RORSI_2425    2015-03-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0622       RORSI_2426    2015-03-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0623       RORSI_2427    2015-03-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0624       RORSI_2428    2015-03-05    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0625       RORSI_2429    2015-03-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0626       RORSI_2430    2015-03-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0627       RORSI_2431    2015-03-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0628       RORSI_2432    2015-03-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0629       RORSI_2433    2015-03-08    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0630       RORSI_2434    2015-03-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0631       RORSI_2435    2015-03-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0632       RORSI_2436    2015-03-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0633       RORSI_2437    2015-03-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0634       RORSI_2438    2015-03-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0635       RORSI_2439    2015-03-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0636       RORSI_2440    2015-03-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0637       RORSI_2441    2015-03-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0638       RORSI_2442    2015-03-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0639       RORSI_2443    2015-03-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0640       RORSI_2444    2015-03-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0641       RORSI_2445    2015-03-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0642       RORSI_2446    2015-03-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0643       RORSI_2447    2015-03-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0644       RORSI_2448    2015-03-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0645       RORSI_2449    2015-03-14    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0646       RORSI_2450    2015-03-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0648       RORSI_2452    2015-03-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0649       RORSI_2454    2015-03-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0650       RORSI_2455    2015-03-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0651       RORSI_2456    2015-03-16    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0652       RORSI_2457    2015-03-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0653       RORSI_2458    2015-03-17    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0654       RORSI_2459    2015-03-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0655       RORSI_2460    2015-03-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0656       RORSI_2453    2015-03-18    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0657       RORSI_2493    2015-03-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0658       RORSI_2494    2015-03-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0659       RORSI_2495    2015-03-19    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0660       RORSI_2461    2015-03-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0661       RORSI_2462    2015-03-20    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0662       RORSI_2463    2015-03-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0663       RORSI_2464    2015-03-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0664       RORSI_2465    2015-03-21    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0665       RORSI_2466    2015-03-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0666       RORSI_2467    2015-03-22    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0667       RORSI_2468    2015-03-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0668       RORSI_2469    2015-03-23    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0669       RORSI_2470    2015-03-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0670       RORSI_2471    2015-03-24    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0671       RORSI_2472    2015-03-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0672       RORSI_2473    2015-03-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0673       RORSI_2474    2015-03-25    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0674       RORSI_2475    2015-03-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0675       RORSI_2476    2015-03-26    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0676       RORSI_2477    2015-03-27    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0677       RORSI_2478    2015-03-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0678       RORSI_2479    2015-03-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0679       RORSI_2480    2015-03-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0680       RORSI_2481    2015-03-28    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0681       RORSI_2482    2015-03-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0682       RORSI_2483    2015-03-29    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0683       RORSI_2484    2015-03-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0684       RORSI_2485    2015-03-30    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0685       RORSI_2486    2015-03-31    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0686       RORSI_2487    2015-04-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0687       RORSI_2488    2015-04-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0688       RORSI_2489    2015-04-01    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0689       RORSI_2490    2015-04-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0690       RORSI_2491    2015-04-02    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0691       RORSI_2492    2015-04-03    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0692       RORSI_2496    2015-04-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0693       RORSI_2497    2015-04-04    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0694       RORSI_2498    2015-04-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0695       RORSI_2499    2015-04-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0696       RORSI_2500    2015-04-06    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0697       RORSI_2501    2015-04-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0698       RORSI_2502    2015-04-07    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0699       RORSI_2503    2015-04-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0700       RORSI_2504    2015-04-09    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0701       RORSI_2505    2015-04-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0702       RORSI_2506    2015-04-10    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0703       RORSI_2507    2015-04-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0704       RORSI_2508    2015-04-11    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0705       RORSI_2509    2015-04-12    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0706       RORSI_2510    2015-04-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0707       RORSI_2511    2015-04-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0708       RORSI_2512    2015-04-13    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0709       RORSI_2513    2015-04-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0710       RORSI_2514    2015-04-15    Global Gravity 
  RORSI_0711       RORSI_2515    2015-04-16    Global Gravity 

VOLUME SET INFORMATION                                                
This volume is one of several which contain raw and partially processed  
data from the ROS phase ROSETTA COMET ESCORT 2.                                        
Each archive volume has the structure illustrated in the diagram below.       
Not all directories or file types will be present on every volume; for       
example, one volume may contain either IFMS or DSN Data Files.                
In cases where the directory contains no files, the directory                 
itself has been omitted from the volume.                                      
The primary data types for these volumes are IFMS closed-loop and
open-loop data files if the data was retrieved from an ESA ground
station. These files are the Level 1a/1b files (RAW), which contain
the data as recorded at the ground station and the Level 2 files
(TAB), which contain calibrated frequency data. In case of data files
received with DSN ground stations, these are the DSN Radio-Science
Receiver (RSR) data files, the Orbit Data File (ODF), and the Tracking
and Navigation Data File (TNF). All these files are stored in the DATA
folder in the root directory within appropriate subfolders.              
The primary data files are accompanied by a number of ancillary files
in the CALIB directories and the ANCILLARY folders of the EXTRAS 
directories. Additional documents providing information on the
spacecraft, ground stations, used software and data processing
steps can be found in the DOCUMENT directory. Users should consult
the tables of contents in the INDEX directory for file locations.   
The diagram below shows the organization of each volume, starting from
the root of the compact disc.                                         
     |- AAREADME.TXT                                                  
     |- ERRATA.TXT                                                    
     |- VOLDESC.CAT                                                   
     |- BROWSE                                                        
     |     |                                                          
     |     |- BROWINFO.TXT    Description of the BROWSE directory
     |                        which includes Quick Look Browse Plots 
     |                        of the data.                            
     |- CALIB                                                         
     |     |                                                          
           |- CALINFO.TXT     Overview of directory                   
     |     |- CLOSED_LOOP                                             
     |            |-IFMS      IFMS closed-loop calibration files      
     |            |-DSN       DSN closed-loop calibration files       
     |     |- OPEN_LOOP                                               
     |            |-IFMS      IFMS open-loop calibration files         
     |            |-DSN       DSN open-loop calibration files          
     |                        This folder will only be generated if
     |                        the uplink frequency in one of the RAW
     |                        files was identified as wrong.
     |                        It tells the user which files were 
     |                        affected and where to find the corrected
     |                        Level 2 data files.
     |- CATALOG                                                       
     |     |                                                          
     |     |- CATINFO.TXT       Streamlined PDS catalog files         
     |     |- MISSION.CAT       for mission, host, instrument,        
     |     |- INSTHOST.CAT      references, personnel, and            
     |     |- INST.CAT          data set (files evolve as             
     |     |- REF.CAT           mission progresses).                  
     |     |- PERSON.CAT                                              
     |     |- DATASET.CAT
     |     |- SOFT.CAT                                              
     |     |- TARGET.CAT                                              
     |- DATA                                                          
     |     |                                                          
     |     |- LEVEL1A                                                 
     |            |- CLOSED_LOOP                                      
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS closed-loop data files(Level 1a)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN closed-loop data files (Level 1a)
     |            |- OPEN_LOOP                                        
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS open-loop data files  (Level 1a)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN open-loop data files   (Level 1a)
     |     |- LEVEL1b                                                 
     |            |- CLOSED_LOOP                                      
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS closed-loop data files(Level 1b)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN closed-loop data files (Level 1b)
     |            |- OPEN_LOOP                                        
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS open-loop data files  (Level 1b)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN open-loop data files   (Level 1b)
     |     |- LEVEL02                                                 
     |            |- CLOSED_LOOP                                      
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS closed-loop data files (Level 2)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN closed-loop data files  (Level 2)
     |            |- OPEN_LOOP                                        
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS open-loop data files   (Level 2)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN open-loop data files    (Level 2)
     |- EXTRAS                                                        
     |     |                                                     
     |     |- ANCILLARY                                               
     |          |- SPICE    SPICE Ancillary Data files                
     |          |- ESOC     ESOC Ancillary Data files                 
     |          |- UNIBW    UniBW Ancillary Data files
     |          |- RSI      Level 2 Processing logfiles       
     |          |- SUE      Modified Spice kernels
     |          |- DSN      Earth Orientiation Parameter files, 
     |                      Light Time File and Orbit Propagation and
     |                      Timing Geometry File
     |- INDEX                                                         
     |     |                                                          
     |     |- INDXINFO.TXT     Overview of directory                  
     |     |- INDEX.LBL        Label to INDEX.TAB                     
     |     |- INDEX.TAB        List of data file contents, this volume
     |     |- BROWSE_INDEX.TAB List of all files in BROWSE directory
     |     |                                                   
     |     |- DOCINFO.TXT     Overview of directory         
     |     |- RSI_DOC         RSI documents                     
     |     |- ESA_DOC         ESA documents                
     |     |- DSN_DOC         DSN documents documents  
     A cumulative list of errors and changes is maintained in the file
ERRATA.TXT at the root level of each volume. The ERRATA.TXT file of   
the latest volume will list errors occured in earlier volumes.        
DATASET FORMAT                                                        
     The dataset is organized according to the PDS standard for
'one data set, one volume.' This file (AAREADME.TXT), a PDS volume 
object definition (VOLDESC.CAT), and the listing of errors and changes
(ERRATA.TXT) are included at the root level. The following directories
of descriptive material are also at the root level:                   
   CALIB     contains data files for data calibration, e.g. the IFMS  
             Range calibration files and IFMS Meteo files containing  
             Meteorological data from ground station.                 
             In case of DSN data the appropriate calibration files are
             Meteo files.     
             Note: If the uplink frequency in one of the RAW files was
                   identified as wrong the folder UPLINK_FREQ_CORRECT
                   will contain files which identify
                   which files were affected and where to find the    
                   corrected Level 2 data files.         
   CATALOG   contains descriptive files for cataloging the data       
             on this disc.                                            
   BROWSE    contains Quick Look Browse Plots of the data.       
   INDEX     contains index information on each of the data files     
             included in this disc; it also includes a cumulative     
             index to all files in this volume set.                   
   DATA      contains the scientific data of data level 1a, 1b and    
             Level 2. The different data files are described with     
             Detached labels.                                         
   EXTRAS    contains additional information which may help some      
             users understand or manipulate data;                     
             The ANCILLARY subfolder contains ancillary data          
             about spacecraft orbit, attitude                         
             clock conversions, planetary ephemerises and constants in
             two different formats: the NAIF SPICE software and the   
             OASW software from ESOC. Additional data files from the  
             Universitaet der Bundeswehr, Munich, are also stored in
             a appropriate subfolder, if available.                   
   DOCUMENT  contains the files that provide documentation and 
             supplementary information to assist in understanding and 
             using the data products on the volume.                   
FILE FORMAT                                                           
The file format of the data files on a volume depends on the data 
type, IFMS Or DSN data. The IFMS data files are all in ASCII format.
The Level 1a closed-loop and open loop DSN data files on the other
hand are binary, while the Level 2 files are in ASCII format. The
Format description can be found in the DOCUMENT folders of the EXTRAS
Directory. All documents in the DOCUMENT subdirectories are in the   
binary PDF Format, which can be read by nearly all standard text     
readers, e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader.     
Most of the data files in the dataset are accompanied by detached 
PDS labels, which describe their contents. Some data products have so
called 'combined detached' labels, where one label covers two or more
data files. Detached labels have the same file name as the data file 
except that the label name has the suffix 'LBL'.                      
Scientific Software for processing and analyzing of the RSI data 
files are not included in any RSI data volume.                        
These data were collected under auspices of the Rosetta Project.
M. Paetzold of the Rhenish Institute of Environmental Research at the 
University of Cologne as the Principal Investigator of the 
Radio-Science Experiment RSI was the team leader. Members of the     
team, including B. Haeusler (UniBW, Munich) were involved in data    
acquisition and validation.

Although considerable care has gone into making this volume set, 
errors are both possible and likely.  Users of the data are advised to
exercise the same caution as they would when dealing with any other 
unknown data set.      
Reports of errors or difficulties would be appreciated.  
Please contact one of the persons listed below.                       
COGNIZANT PERSONNEL                                                   
The person most directly responsible for construction and release of  
this volume set is Martin Paetzold (PI). Although many people 
contributed to the volume set, any faults in the product 
are his alone.    
MARTIN PAETZOLD                                                       
AN DER UNIVERSITAET ZU KOELN                                          
AACHENER STR. 209                                                     
50931 COLOGNE                                                         
TEL: +49/221/27781810
BERND HAEUSLER                                                        
INSTITUT FUER RAUMFAHRTTECHNIK,                                       
UNIVERSITAET DER BUNDESWEHR,                                          
TEL: +49/89/6004-2138

ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS                                            
AGK    Antenna Gain Kernel (file and/or directory)                    
AMD    Angular Momentum Desaturation (file and/or directory)          
ATDF   Archival Tracking Data File (same as TDF)                      
CALIB  Calibration (file and/or directory)                            
CD     Compact Disc                                                   
DKF    DSN Keyword File (file and/or directory)                       
DSN    Deep Space Network                                             
ECH    Engineering - Channelized data (file and/or directory)         
ECS    Engineering - Channelized data Summary (file and/or directory) 
ECT    Engineering Channel Table                                      
EOP    Earth Orientation Parameters (file and/or directory)           
EPK    Engineering - Packet data (file and/or directory) 
ESA    European Space Agency                    
FBR    Filtered Body Rates (file and/or directory)                    
HEA    Health report (file and/or directory)                          
HGA    High Gain Antenna (device and/or file and/or directory)
IFMS   Intermediate Frequency Modulation System        
ION    Ionosphere Calibration file (file and/or directory)            
LGA    Low Gain Antenna                                               
LIT    Light Time (file and/or directory)                             
MCH    DSN Monitor - Channelized data (file and/or directory)         
MCT    Monitor Channel Table                                          
MIF    Maneuver Implementation/Reconstruction File 
       (file and/or directory)
MOI    Mars Orbit Insertion                                           
MPD    Maneuver Performance Data (file and/or directory)              
MPF    Maneuver Profile File                                          
MPK    DSN Monitor - Packet data (file and/or directory)              
NASA   National Aeronautics and Space Administration                  
occn   occultation                                                    
ODR    Original Data Record (file and/or directory)                   
ODF    Orbit Data File (file and/or directory)                        
ONF    Orbit Number File (file and/or directory)                      
OPT    Orbit Propagation and Timing Geometry (file and/or directory)  
PDS    Planetary Data System                                          
RSI    Radio Science Investigations
RSR    Radio Science Receiver
RSS    Radio Science Subsystem                                        
SAK    Solar Array Kernel (file and/or directory)                     
SFO    Space Flight Operations Sequence (file and/or directory)       
SOE    Sequence of Operations (file and/or directory)                 
SPK    Spacecraft and Planet Kernel (file and/or directory)           
TCK    Text C-Kernel (file and/or directory)                          
TDF    Tracking Data File (file and/or directory)                     
TNF    Tracking and Navigarion file
TIM    Time and Polar Motion (file and/or directory)                  
TMO    Transition to Mapping Orbit                                    
TRO    Troposphere Calibration File (file and/or directory)           
WEA    DSN Weather (file and/or directory)                            
WO     Write Once