PDS_VERSION_ID      = PDS3                                                    
RECORD_TYPE         = STREAM                   
OBJECT              = TEXT                                                    
  PUBLICATION_DATE    =  2017-09-19
  NOTE                = "Description of contents of CATALOG directory"       
END_OBJECT          = TEXT                                                    
      The CATALOG directory contains mission, host, instrument, reference,    
personnel, and data set PDS catalog objects for this archive volume.  The     
files follow the 'streamlined' format adopted by the Planetary Data System    
(PDS) in late 1993 and documented in the Planetary Data System Standards      
Reference (Version 3.1, 3 August 1994; JPL D-7669, Part 2).                   
     The files evolved as the mission progressed; users should refer to the   
files on the most recent (highest numbered) archive volume for the most       
up-to-date information.  Files on early volumes may be only 'place-holders.'  
     Each catalog object is in ASCII; the files have a fixed length of
72 characters per line. Some files have variable lengths of rows. The details
and correct values can be found in the label header. Each line is delimited 
with a carriage-return (ASCII 13) line-feed (ASCII 10) pair.               
     The files are:                                                           
     A brief description of the mission.  It includes a chronology of events, 
definition of mission phases, and science objectives.                         
     A description of the Rosetta Orbiter spacecraft and a very brief    
overview of the ESA and the NASA Ground Station  systems.                     
     An overview of the spacecraft radio system used for these experiments on 
Rosetta, and a summary (albeit long) description of the ESA and 
Deep Space Network instrumentation which supports radio science experiments. 
Also included are summaries of the science objectives sought using the
     A listing of references used elsewhere in the catalog files and of       
references that might be generally useful in working with these data.         
     A listing of key people involved in analyzing the radio data and in      
producing the archival data set.                                              
     A description of the data set contained in the archival volumes. The     
file includes information on the primary data types included in the archive   
collection.  Brief discussions of the quality of the data are included where  
a judgment can be made.                                                       
     This is a dummy SOFT.CAT with no contents. No software is included in    
     this volume.   
    An extensive description of targets used in the data labels.
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