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ROSETTA CK Files                                                                
  This "aareadme.txt" file describes the contents of the KERNELS/CK             
  directory of the ROSETTA SPICE data server. It also provides the file         
  naming conventions used for the ROSETTA CK kernels, and it provides           
  identification of the most current version of each kind of CK file.           
  Some of these CK files are produced by an automated system located at ESAC,   
  operated by the ROSETTA Science Ground Segment. We have chosen                
  to use the ESOC naming convention for CK files, which are converted from      
  ESOC's DDID Attitude files.                                                   
  The contents and time span covered by any CK file may be easily determined    
  using the "ckbrief" utility program available in all copies of the            
  SPICE Toolkit. Examples of usage:                                             
     %ckbrief  <ck_file_name> <sclk_file_name> <lsk_file_name>                  
  This utility requires additionally a sclk file and a lsk file; use the        
  latest versions of these files.                                               
  Descriptive information about how/why/when an CK file was created is          
  usually available in the "comment area" of the file. This may be viewed       
  using the "commnt" utility program available in all copies of the SPICE       
  Toolkit. Use the "-r" option to read the comments. Example:                   
    %commnt -r <ck_file_name>                                                   
  All binary CK files (*.BC) contained in this directory are unix binary        
  files. These may be used as is (without format conversion) in a non-unix      
  environment when using any recent version of the SPICE Toolkit (Version       
  N0052 or later).  [Ref 3b]                                                    
  Contact Jose Luis Vazquez ( or Dave Heather          
  ( if you have any questions.                            
    1. Data Delivery Interface Document (DDID)       Appendix H - FD            
       products Issue 3.0 (ROS-ESC-IF-5003)                                     
    2. CK Required Reading. NAIF Document No. 174.08  05 Sep 2002               
    3. Selected SPICE Tutorials from the NAIF server:                    
       a) CK Tutorial                 15_ck.ppt                                 
       b) Porting Kernels Tutorial    09_porting_kernels.ppt                    
    4. NAIF IDs Required Reading. NAIF Document No. 219.12  30 Jul 2003         
    5. Rosetta PLID Annex A (RO-ESC-IF-5507)                                    
Rosetta CK Directory Structure                                                  
 aareadme.txt            Text file describing the directory structure,          
                         the naming conventions for the CKs, and the current    
                         version(s) of each CK type.                            
 former_versions         Subdirectory that contains obsolete versions of the    
                         CK files that have been updated in the Current CK      
                         Kernels Set.                                           
ROSETTA Spacecraft CK Naming Covention for the cruise phase:                    
          token           description                                           
          ------------    --------------------------------------------------    
          ffff            Source Product Type Identifier:                       
                             ATNR -- Predicted S/C attitude.                    
                             ATPR -- Medium Term planning S/C attitude.         
          y               Data Type Identifier                                  
                             P -- Predicted data                                
          YYMMDDhhmmss    Coverage start time of the data contained             
                      in the ATNR or ATPR file.                                 
          vvvv            version number                                        
ROSETTA Spacecraft CK Naming Covention for the science phase:                   
         token          description                                             
      ------------   --------------------------------------------               
         ffff           CATT, RATM RATT (See below)                             
         c              is L for long term products or M for medium term        
                        products, S for short term and V for very short term    
                        (note that there are currently no FD products associated
                        with the short term cycle).                             
         nnn            is the planning cycle counter on 3 digits, starting from
                        001, strictly monotonically increasing per planning cycle
                        type e.g.:                                              
                              - for LTP products 001 for pre-landing operations,
                                002 for first cycle including lander delivery and
                                first extended monitoring phase part and so on. 
                              - for MTP products, the counter as agreed between FD
                                and FCT an documented in FCT timelines (see [FOP]),
                                VSPL file and PTSL.                             
         vv             is the version within the planning cycle (e.g. in case  
                        products have to be re-generated, due to errors). Note that
                        a full set of consistent products shall be delivered for a
                        cycle containing the same vv version. In case redelivery is
                        required, a full set of consistent products shall be delivered,
                        with a new incremented vv version. In the same way, FD expects
                        that deliveries of all input products from the SGS      
                        corresponding to a given cycle have the same vv version.
         ww is:                                                                 
                              - for VSTP products __.                           
                              - for MTP products generated by FD the version of the
                                corresponding SGS MTP input products.           
                              - for LTP products generated by FD for pre-landing
                                operations __ (no SGS inputs are required by FD for
                                LTP for pre-landing operations).                
                              - for LTP products generated by FD for the extended
                                monitoring phase the version of the corresponding SGS
                                LTP input products.                             
         a              is a character indicating the trajectory type that can take the
                        following values:                                       
                              - For VSTP products _.                            
                              - For MTP/LTP products in the pre-landing phase 'A', 'B'
                                or 'C'... corresponding to nominal trajectory, first backup
                                trajectory, second backup trajectory...         
                              - For MTP/LTP products in the extended monitoring phase 'H' for
                                products that correspond to high activity case trajectories
                                or 'P' for products that corresponds to preferred trajectory.
         vvvvv          version number                                          
Current CK Kernels Set                                                          
 Name                              Comments                                     
 --------------------------------  -------------------------------------        
 ATNR_PYYMMDDhhmmss_xxxxx.BC       Contains Rosetta predicted attitude          
                                   information covering the time span           
                                   starting at the date YYMMDDhhmmss. This      
                                   attitude information corresponds to the      
                                   ESOC attitude file named:                    
                                   where xxxxx designates the version number.   
 CATT_Dc_nnn_vv_ww_a_vvvvv.BC      Contains comet attitude, determined as       
                                   result of the navigation process in the      
                                   VSTP cycle and propagated into the future.   
                                   This kernel must be used along with the      
                                   frames kernel ROS_CHURYUMOV_V01.TF, and      
                                   provides the comet attitude in the frame     
 RATM_Dc_nnn_vv_ww_a_vvvvv.BC      Contains spacecraft attitude, generated at   
                                   medium term planning based on the attitude   
                                   requests provided by the SGS.                
 RATT_Dc_nnn_vv_ww_a_vvvvv.BC      Contains spacecraft attitude, very short     
                                   term plan, as commanded to the S/C in the    
                                   operations loop in the VSTP cycle.           
 ROS_LBOOM_V0.BC                   Orientation of the Rosetta Boom 2            
                                   ('ROS_RPC_BOOM2' frame) relative to the      
                                   Rosetta spacecraft frame ('ROS_SPACECRAFT'   
 ROS_HGA_YYYY_Vvvvv.BC             Contains orientation of the High Gain        
                                   Antenna Frame for the year specified in the  
                                   file name.                                   
 ROS_SA_YYYY_Vvvvv.BC              Contains orientation of the Solar Arrays     
                                   frames for the year specified in the file    
CATT kernels are created using an 'artificial' clock kernel defined inside the  
ROS_CHURYUMOV_Vvv.TF frames kernel. Therefore, loading the frames kernel is     
necessary in order to use the CATT kernels.                                     
RATM kernels shall be used with the S/C clock kernel 'ros_triv.tsc' available in
the sclk directory.                                                             
All other kernels shall be used with the latest available Rosetta nominal kernel
        This file was last modified on Sep. 9, 2014 (J. Vazquez)