PDS_VERSION_ID      = PDS3                                                    
RECORD_TYPE         = STREAM                   
OBJECT              = TEXT                                                    
  PUBLICATION_DATE    =  2019-04-12
  NOTE                = "Description of contents of CALIB directory"       
END_OBJECT          = TEXT                                                    
The CALIB directory contains the calibration files used in the processing
of the raw data or needed to use the data products of the volume.
It should be noted that some calibration files listed in the CALIB tree
diagram below may not be present in this data set.

IFMS data:
The used calibration routines are described in two documents:
ROS-RSI-IGM-DS-3118.PDF and ROS-RSI-IGM-DS.3119.PDF, for the Doppler and 
Ranging processing software, respectively. The documents can be found in the

The .RAW files contain the header information and the data in Level 1a. This
is separated for Level 1b files, where the header is in the .CFG file and the
data is in the .TAB file. There is only one label file for the .CFG and .TAB
files in level 1b. More detailed information can be found there as well.
     Each object is in ASCII; the files have a fixed length of
characters per line, but this fixed length can differ from file to file. 
The details and correct values can be found in the label header of each file. 
Each line is delimited with a carriage-return (ASCII 13) line-feed 
(ASCII 10) pair.

     Structure of the CALIB directory:

       |   |-CALINFO.TXT text description of the directory contents   
       |   |                                                          
       |   |-CLOSED_LOOP                                              
       |   |    |-DSN Closed-loop calibration data of the DSN ground  
       |   |    |     stations                                        
       |   |    |-IFMS                                                
       |   |    |  |-RCL Range Calibration data files                 
       |   |    |  |-DCL Doppler Calibration data files               
       |   |    |  |-MET Meteo data files                             
       |   |                                                          
       |   |-OPEN_LOOP                                                
       |   |    |-DSN                                                 
       |   |    |  |-BCAL System temperature calibration files        
       |   |    |  |-MET Meteo data files                             
       |   |    |  |-TRO Tropospheric Calibration files               
       |   |    |  |-SRF Surface Reflection Filter Files              
       |   |    |                                                     
       |   |    |-IFMS                                                
       |   |    |  |-RCL Range Calibration data files                 
       |   |    |  |-DCL Doppler Calibration data files               
       |   |    |  |-MET Meteo data files                             
       |   |                                                          
       |   |-UPLINK_FREQ_CORRECT                                      
                                 Only present if the uplink frequency 
                                 in one of the .RAW files was         
                                 identified as wrong. The Folder      
                                 includes files which indicate the    
                                 wrong and corrected uplink frequency 
                                 and their corresponding files.      
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