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                                    directory contents for a VIRTIS           
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                   DOCUMENT Directory Contents                                
The DOCUMENT directory contains documentation files for a VIRTIS ROSETTA      
archive volume.  The files listed below are found in this directory.          
DOCINFO.TXT      -  The file you are reading.                                 
RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.PDF -  Adobe Acrobat version of EAICD                         
                    The EAICD (Experimenter to (Science) Archive              
                    Interface Control Document) provides users of the         
                    VIRTIS instrument with detailed description of the        
                    product and a description of how it was generated,        
                    including data sources and destinations. It is the        
                    official interface between our instrument team and        
                    the archiving authority.                                  
RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC -  Text version of EAICD                                  
VIRTIS_EXP_USER_MANUAL.PDF -  Adobe Acrobat version  of Virtis User           
VIRTIS_M_CALIBRATION_REPORT.ASC  -   Calibration documentation for M          
                                     Visible and Infrared channels            
VIRTIS_M_CALIBRATION_REPORT.PDF   -   Adobe Acrobat version of                
                                      calibration documentation for M         
VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.PDF -  Adobe Acrobat version  of calibration             
                            documentation for H channel                       
VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC -  Text version of calibration documentation for     
                            H channel                                         
VIRTIS_PDS_IDL_SW_MANUAL.PDF -  Documentation of IDL package to work with     
                                VIRTIS data      
VIRTISROS_GEOMETRY.PDF - VIRTIS - Rosetta geometry files documentation        
VIR-IAS-TN-026_ISSUE1.PDF - VIRTIS PFM Payload Passive Checkout 3             
                            Observations Report                  
VIR-IAS-TR-010_ISSUE2.PDF - VIRTIS PFM Payload Active Checkout 4             
                            Observations Report                               
VIR-IAS-TR-027_ISSUE1.PDF - VIRTIS PFM Mars Swing by            
                            Observations Report 
IMAGE001.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: VIRTIS functional block diagram           
IMAGE002.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: Data Organization on the CCD and IR       
               detectors of VIRTIS-M                                          
IMAGE003.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: Spectral orders distributed over the IR   
               FPA area. Only 15% of the matrix contains scientific data      
IMAGE004.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: VIRTIS/Rosetta data set generation        

IMAGE005.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: Standard PDS volume set organization:     
               one data set, one volume
IMAGE006.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: Structure of the qube data

IMAGE007.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: Structure of dark frames acquisition

IMAGE008.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: VIRTIS H data cube in 64-spectra mode. In 
               this case, each frame contains the 64 spectra transferred 
               together. The # of bands is equal to 3456                   
IMAGE009.PNG - RO_VIRTIS_EAICD.ASC: Organization of the sideplanes 

IMAGE010.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Example of dark corruption           

IMAGE011.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: ADU vs. integration time at constant 

IMAGE012.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Number of ADU/s vs. flux at constant 

IMAGE013.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Recovering the integration time to   
               get ADUref when lightning with PHIi                            

IMAGE014.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Recovering the incident flux PHIi    

IMAGE015.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Transfer function synopsis           

IMAGE016.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Formula 1                            

IMAGE017.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Plot of the transfer function for    
               each order. Units are (Niv_KIT / s) / (W_IAS / sr / m2 / um)   

IMAGE018.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Raw data calibration                 

IMAGE019.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Formula 2                            

IMAGE020.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Formula 3                            

IMAGE021.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: IDL programs flow chart              

IMAGE022.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Emission of the Fabry-Perot          
               spectral lines in each order                                   
IMAGE023.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Flow chart of the spectral           
               registration function                                          

IMAGE024.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Formula 4                            

IMAGE025.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Spectral response at 2 micron,       
               order 8                                                        

IMAGE026.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Spectral response at 5 micron,       
               order 0                                                        

IMAGE027.PNG - VIRTIS_H_CALIBRATION.ASC: Plot of the spectral profile         
               through order 0                                                
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