PDS_VERSION_ID                  = PDS3                                        
LABEL_REVISION_NOTE             = "2016-01-11 SwRI:DEK Created                
                                   2016-06-03 SwRI:DEK Updated for JPEGs      
RECORD_TYPE                     = STREAM                                      
OBJECT                          = TEXT                                        
  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT              = ASCII                                     
  PUBLICATION_DATE                = 2016-01-11                                
  NOTE                            = "Contents of the BROWSE directory"        
END_OBJECT                      = TEXT                                        
***************************   File BROWINFO.TXT   *************************** 
BROWINFO.TXT       This file.                                                 
*.JPG              Quick-look images of the calibrated, linearized spectral   
                   data, in JPEG format.                                      
*.LBL              Detached label files for associated *.JPG files.           
The BROWSE directory contains a set of quick-look images in JPEG format to    
allow for a quicker browsing experience for the end user.  The images are     
organized in a manner analogous to the data files themselves, in              
subdirectories, first by year (YYYY), then by month (MM).                     
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