PDS_VERSION_ID        = PDS3                                                  
RECORD_TYPE           = "STREAM"                                              
OBJECT                = TEXT                                                  
  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT    = ASCII                                               
  PUBLICATION_DATE      = 2007-08-23                                          
  NOTE                  = "Description of contents of CALIB directory"        
END_OBJECT            = TEXT                                                  
RA_AEFF_004.TAB - ASCII table file containing the Rosetta Alice instrument    
                  effective area, as a function of wavelength.                
RA_DARK_003.FIT - FITS file containing a 1024x32 pixel image of the inflight  
                  measured detector dark count rate.                          
RA_FLAT_002.FIT - FITS file containing the 1024x32 pixel image of the detector
                  flatfield response.                                         
RA_WAVE_003.FIT - FITS file containing information regarding the change in    
                  wavelength versus detector electronics temperature and      
                  detector row.                                               
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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] calinfo.txt 05-Dec-2007 17:09 1.6K [TXT] ra_aeff_004.lbl 05-Dec-2007 17:09 5.5K [PDS label] [   ] ra_aeff_004.tab 05-Dec-2007 17:09 20K [Table file] [IMG] ra_dark_003.fit 05-Dec-2007 17:09 135K [FITS file] [TXT] ra_dark_003.lbl 05-Dec-2007 17:09 5.3K [PDS label] [IMG] ra_flat_002.fit 05-Dec-2007 17:09 132K [FITS file] [TXT] ra_flat_002.lbl 05-Dec-2007 17:09 5.7K [PDS label] [IMG] ra_wave_003.fit 05-Dec-2007 17:09 8.4K [FITS file] [TXT] ra_wave_003.lbl 05-Dec-2007 17:09 8.5K [PDS label]
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