PDS_VERSION_ID       = PDS3                                                   
LABEL_REVISION_NOTE  = "2008-05-27 SBN:LMF Updated directory contents         
RECORD_TYPE          = STREAM                                                 
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT = "ASCII"                                                
  NOTE               = "Contents of the catalog directory."                   
  PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2007-08-28                                             
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                             
CATALOG Directory Contents:                                                   
CATINFO.TXT             This file                                             
DATASET.CAT             Description of the data                               
ALICE_RO.CAT            Information about the ALICE instrument                
RO.CAT                  Information about the Rosetta Orbiter spacecraft      
ROSETTA.CAT             Information about the Rosetta mission                 
CALIBRATION.CAT         Information about the observed target CALIBRATION     
CHECKOUT.CAT            Information about the observed target CHECKOUT        
MOON.CAT                Information about the observed target MOON            
PERSONNEL.CAT           Information about the ALICE team members knowledgeable
                        about the data the production of this data set        
REFERENCE.CAT           Listing of Rosetta-related references                 
SOFTWARE.CAT            Provides location of the code used                    
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