PDS_VERSION_ID       = PDS3                                                   
RECORD_TYPE          = STREAM                                                 
OBJECT               = TEXT                                                   
  PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2008-11-17                                             
  NOTE               = "Description of document files in the DOCUMENT         
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                            
DOCUMENT directory of COSIMA PDS archive                                      
DOCUMENT directory contains COSIMA documentation necessary to understand      
archived data.                                                                
COSIMASIS.ASC is the Data Archiving Interface Control Document in ASCII       
format. It describes contents and format of COSIMA PDS data archives.         
COSIMASIS.PDF is Data Archiving ICD in PDF format.                            
COSIMASISXXX.JPG are figures from the Data Archiving ICD for the ASCII        
format. The XXX gives figure number in the form 001 or 002                    
COSIMAPAPER.ASC is the COSIMA instrument paper in ASCII format.               
COSIMAPAPER.PDF is the COSIMA instrument paper in PDF format.                 
COSIMAPAPERXXX.JPG are the figures from the COSIMA instrument paper.          
The XXX gives figure number in the form 01_, 02A, 02B, 03_, 04_ ...           
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