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PDS_VERSION_ID       = PDS3                                                   
RECORD_TYPE          = "STREAM"                                               
INSTRUMENT_HOST_NAME = "ROSETTA-ORBITER"                                      
INSTRUMENT_ID        = "MIRO"                                                 
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
  NOTE             = "Introduction to this data volume."                      
  PUBLICATION_DATE = 2009-02-13                                               
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                             
1.  Introduction                                                              
This Data Products volume contains raw data acquired by the MIRO instrument   
during the second Earth swing-by phase of the Rosetta mission.  It was        
generated by the MIRO TEAM in collaboration with the Small-Bodies Node (SBN)  
of the Planetary DATA System (PDS) and the European Space Agency (ESA).       
The Rosetta MIRO instrument is a microwave detector containing both           
continuum and spectroscopic channels.                                         
It should be stressed that the raw data contained in this volume              
require considerable processing before scientific analysis can begin.         
2.  Summary of Disk Contents                                                  
The dataset is organized into a number of directories.  Their contents        
are summarized below.  (Names in square brackets, [], are directories.)       
|--AAREADME.TXT       This file                                               
|--ERRATA.TXT         Cumulative listing of comments and corrections          
|--VOLDESC.CAT        Description of the contents of this volume              
|--[CATALOG]          Mission, instrument, and data set descriptions          
|--[DATA]             Science and engineering data, organized by type         
|  |                                                                          
|  |--[CONTINUUM]     Mm and Submm data                                       
|  |  |                                                                       
|  |  |-- *.DAT       Data files                                              
|  |  +-- *.LBL       Associated PDS labels                                   
|  |                                                                          
|  |--[ENGINEERING]   Engineering H/K data                                    
|  |  |                                                                       
|  |  |-- *.DAT       Data files                                              
|  |  +-- *.LBL       Associated PDS labels                                   
|  |                                                                          
|  |--[SPECTROSCOPIC] CTS data                                                
|  |  |                                                                       
|  |  |-- *.DAT       Data files                                              
|  |  +-- *.LBL       Associated PDS labels                                   
|  |                                                                          
|--[DOCUMENT]         Directory containing documentation for these data       
|  |                                                                          
|  |-- DOCINFO.TXT    Description of files in this directory                  
|  |                                                                          
|  |-- *.TXT          Documents in ASCII text format                          
|  |-- *.PDF          Documents in Adobe PDF format                           
|  +-- *.LBL          Associated PDS labels                                   
|  |                                                                          
|  |-- INDXINFO.TXT   Description of files in this directory                  
|  +-- INDEX.*        Table of parameters for data files                      
+--[LABEL]            Structure files pointed to by other labels              
3.  File formats                                                              
Most files on this disk have labels encoded in the Object Description         
language (ODL) developed by PDS.  An ODL label is readable by both humans     
and computers.  It provides a formal description of the format and content    
of a file.  For most files the ODL label appears at the beginning of the      
file (as is the case for this file).  The Science data and ancillary file     
formats are described or referenced in the VOLDESC.CAT file in the            
top-level directory.                                                          
PDS label formats and documentation conform to standards as defined by        
the Planetary Data System Standards Reference (JPL D-7669, Part 2,            
August 2003, Version 3.6) and the Planetary Science Data Dictionary           
(JPL D-7116, August 2002, Rev. E).                                            
4.  Cognizant Persons                                                         
The data files were generated by Charles Backus.  The format structure files  
were made by Charles Backus and Lucas Kamp.  The EAICD was written by Mike    
Janssen, Samuel Gulkis and Lucas Kamp.  The other ancillary files were made   
by Lucas Kamp.  For information on the instrument and its operation, refer to 
the PI, Samuel Gulkis, or the co-PI, Margaret Frerking.  Further contact      
details for all these individuals is given in the file PERSONNEL.CAT in the   
catalog directory .