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PDS_VERSION_ID = PDS3                                                         
RECORD_TYPE  = STREAM                                                         
INSTRUMENT_HOST_NAME = "ROSETTA-ORBITER"                                      
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
 PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2008-05-25                                              
 INTERCHANGE_FORMAT = ASCII                                                   
 NOTE               = "ASCII description of contents of this RPC-IES Archive" 
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                             
************                   File AAREADME.TXT     ************************ 
RPC     Rosetta Plasma Consortium                                             
This data set contains instrument raw data obtained by the Ion and Electron   
Sensor (RPC-IES) onboard the Rosetta spacecraft from the first Earth Swingby  
(EAR1) in March 2005. The swingby took place between March 1 and              
March 7 2005 with the Closest Approach on March 4, 2005 at 22:09 UTC.         
In this data set only data in units of electron and ion counts can be found.  
EAR1 RPC-IES Data Archive                                                     
a) S/C DATA                                                                   
CODMAC Level/Type             Data Type      Data Content                     
  2 / EDITED Data             table          Ion and electron counts          
The data can be found in the DATA directory.                           
b) Supporting files                                                           
Supporting files for the archive user include PDS descriptions, documents,    
supplemental information, and searchable indices. These have been             
organized into three directories one level below the root: CATALOG,           
DOCUMENT, EXTRAS, and INDEX.                                                  
                             Structure of the volume                          
AAREADME.TXT  (PDS required introduction to the data set)                     
VOLDESC.CAT   (PDS required volume description of the data only)              
../CATALOG/CATINFO.TXT (list of catalog files)                                
                 *.CAT (Mission, spacecraft, instrument, data, targets,       
                        references, personnel)                                
../DOCUMENT/DOCINFO.TXT (list of documents)                                   
           /IES_EAICD/* (IES EAICD)                                           
../EXTRAS/EXTRINFO.TXT (Description of the contents of EXTRAS)                
          ENERGY_STEPS.TAB (Energy mapping step table                         
          ENERGY_STEPS.LBL (PDS LABEL file)                                   
          ELEVATION_STEPS.TAB (Elevation mapping step table)                  
          ELEVATION_STEPS.LBL (PDS LABEL file)                                
../DATA/yyyy/mm/dd/*.TAB (Ion and electron data as ASCII tables)              
                   *.LBL (PDS LABELS for the IES data files)                  
../INDEX/INDXINFO.TXT (Description of the contents of the index directory)    
         INDEX.TAB    (Index of the data set in tabular format)               
         INDEX.LBL    (PDS LABEL file for INDEX.TAB)                          
The Rosetta project decided that the data would be archived in the PDS        
format. Consequently, the layout of this volume and the labels for each file  
conform the PDS/PSA guidelines.                                               
Data generated by:                                                            
Brad Trantham                                                                 
Space Science and Engineering Division                                        
Southwest Research Institute                                                  
6220 Culebra Road                                                             
San Antonio, TX 78230                                                         
United States                                                                 
RPC-IES PI:                                                                   
Dr. Jim Burch                                                                 
Space Science and Engineering Division                                        
Southwest Research Institute                                                  
6220 Culebra Road                                                             
San Antonio, TX 78230                                                         
United States