PDS_VERSION_ID                 = PDS3                                         
LABEL_REVISION_NOTE            = "2015-12-15 IR: 5.0"                         
RECORD_TYPE                    = STREAM                                       
OBJECT                         = TEXT                                         
   PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2015-12-15                                   
   NOTE                        = "                                            
        This file describes the content of the CALIB directory                
END_OBJECT                     = TEXT                                         
***** File CALINFO.TXT ******                                                 
Contents of the CALIB Directory                                               
REMARK : Due to filename restriction constraints the CALIB files              
         had to be renamed to                                                 
The CALIB directory contains all necessary information to generate            
calibrated magnetic field values from the Inboard (IB) and the                
Outboard (OB) sensor.                                                         
The following file are needed                                                 
1) RPCMAG_SC_ALIGN.ASC                                                        
2) RPCMAG_BOOM_ALIGN_CORR_EF1.ASC                                             
3) RPCMAG_GND_CALIB_FSDPU_FMIB.ASC                                            
4) RPCMAG_GND_CALIB_FSDPU_FMOB.ASC                                            
5) RPCMAG_yyyy_mm_phase_008_CALIB_IB.ASC                                      
6) RPCMAG_yyyy_mm_phase_008_CALIB_OB.ASC                                      
The first file contains the rotation matrices to turn the magnetic field      
vector from instrument coordinates to s/c-coordinates. There                  
are two matrices for each sensor: one for the stowed boom and one for         
the deployed boom position. The second file is used to correct the sensor     
orientation using the analysis result from the first Earth Flyby. By          
comparison with the POMME Earth magnetic field model it turned out, that the  
sensors have to be rotated by some hundredths  of a degree to get the best    
accordance with the model.                                                    
The two GND files contain all information to calculate the                    
temperature dependent sensitivity, misalignment and offset of the             
IB and OB sensors (FM units) connected to the Flight-spare (FS) DPU.          
This correction is based on Ground Calibration Results.                       
For an improvement of the calibration the two Inflight Calibration            
File for Temperature Model 008 are used. These two files (calculated          
on daily bases) contain the actual Temperature correction polynomial          
for the sensor offsets.  

The temperature calibration model is still under development in order
to adapt all effects seen during the quasy continous operations at CG.
Temperature files are provided for every day, altough they can
contain the same coefficients. Temperature effects will be recalibrated
after end of mission when also more spacecraft disturbances will be
identified and a common calibration model can be  set up. 
All files are read by the IDL s/w gen_cal_data.pro                            
The GND calibration algorithm  is described in the Calibration Analysis       
report Ro-IGM-TR-0003 (Chapters 7 -9),                                        
which can be found in the document directory. The Inflight calibration        
is described in the EAICD.                                                    
The complete calibration is described in the document RO-IGEP-TR0028 :        
Step by Step calibration procedure                                            
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rpcmag_stp0004_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:05 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0004_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0005_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Jul-2014 11:20 1.0K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0005_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0005_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Jul-2014 11:19 1.0K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0005_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0006_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:05 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0006_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0006_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:05 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0006_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0007_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:06 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0007_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0007_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:06 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0007_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0008_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:06 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0008_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0008_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:06 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0008_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0009_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:06 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0009_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0009_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:06 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0009_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0010_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:06 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0010_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0010_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:06 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0010_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0011_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:07 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0011_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0011_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:07 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0011_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0012_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:07 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0012_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0012_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:07 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0012_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0013_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:07 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0013_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0013_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:07 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0013_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0014_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:07 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0014_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0014_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:07 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0014_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0015_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:08 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0015_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0015_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:08 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0015_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0016_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:09 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0016_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0016_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:09 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0016_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0017_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:09 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0017_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0017_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:09 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0017_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0018_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0018_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0018_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0018_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0019_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0019_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0019_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0019_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0020_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0020_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0020_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0020_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0021_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0021_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0021_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0021_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0022_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0022_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0022_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0022_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0023_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0023_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0023_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0023_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0025_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0025_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0025_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0025_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0026_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0026_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0026_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0026_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0027_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0027_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0027_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0027_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0028_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0028_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0028_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0028_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0029_008_calib_ib.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0029_008_calib_ib.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] rpcmag_stp0029_008_calib_ob.asc 28-Aug-2014 17:10 1.8K [TXT] rpcmag_stp0029_008_calib_ob.lbl 21-Apr-2016 13:49 1.3K [PDS label]
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