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  NOTE              = "Description of CALIBRATON files in GIADA data volume"
  PUBLICATION_DATE  = 2012-02-15
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                          GIADA CALIBRATION files

This directory contains the calibration files used in the processing of the 
raw data (ADC counts) to obtain the data products in the data volume.

Data reported in the present volume are at CODMAC level = 2; therefore they 
are essentially in the form of physical quantities with units, when 
appropriate (e.g., voltages in Volts, temperature in Celsius deg).
Each data product, however, contains both the raw and the converted data.

The conversion is performed through polynomial equations applied to ADC 

Under the ENG_CAL sub-directory, different sub-sub-directories are present; 
each of them contains a Table file (and the relevant detached Label file) 
depending on which interface (Main or Redundant) GIADA was switched on during 
the observation.

For each physical quantity (listed in the last column of the Table files) the 
parameters of polynomial equations are reported, according to the relation:

              Physical Quantity = a + b (ADC) + c (ADC)^2 ....

For each physical quantity, two sets of parameters are available, labelled 
with 'D' = Direct (equation above: ADC to Physical Quantity) and 
'I' = Inverse, meaning the inverse relation (Physical Quantity to ADC).

The creation time for the Conversion Factors is also reported as they could 
be revised in the future according to revision of calibration data.
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