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                          EXTRAS subdirectory content

The files included in the EXTRAS subdirectory are produced by the 'ad hoc' 
software available to the GIADA Team and used to generate the present data 
volume. These consist in log files and configuration files and are stored in 
this subdirectory as reference information for later comparison with other 
data volume; moreover they are useful to keep track of the changes depending 
on mission phases, PDS reviews and software updates.
Therefore the files are not necessary for the use of the data volume and 
they are only for internal users.

The files included in the EXTRAS subdirectory are:

EXTRINFO.TXT: the file you are reading.

PDSLOG_YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS.TXT: log files generated during the DDS to PDS 
conversion for every test included in this data volume. They contain the 
complete list of Table files (with the relevant detached Label files) that 
are produced by the software during a work session. The number of PDS log 
files corresponds to the number of tests performed by GIADA during the 
mission phase. The files also contain information about the version of 
reconstructed orbit data files (ORHR) and attitude files (ATNR) used by the 
software to calculate attitude, position and velocity of the S/C at the 
required times.
PDS log files eventually contain a report of calculation errors that can 
occur during the data conversion.

COMMON_CONFIG.XML: configuration file containing all the possible values that 
the keywords listed in the Label files can assume and that are displayed in 
the main window of the software. The value assigned to each keyword depends 
on the value selected by the user before running the software.

*_TEMPLATE.XML: configuration file containing the default values and/or the 
values selected by the user before the data conversion for all the keywords 
listed in the Label files.

N.B. The COMMON_CONFIG.XML and the *_TEMPLATE.XML files are reference files 
used by the conversion tool from DDS to PDS format to produce all the Label 
files included in the data volume. Since they can be modified by the user 
before running the software, it is important to keep track of the actual 
CONFIG and TEMPLATE files used to generate every data volume.
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