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PDS_VERSION_ID = PDS3                                                         
RECORD_TYPE  = STREAM                                                         
INSTRUMENT_HOST_NAME = "ROSETTA-ORBITER"                                      
OBJECT     = TEXT                                                             
 PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2008-01-17                                              
 INTERCHANGE_FORMAT = ASCII                                                   
 NOTE               = "ASCII description of contents of this RPC-ICA Archive" 
END_OBJECT = TEXT                                                             
***** File AAREADME.TXT                                                       
HK          Housekeeping data (Supply voltages, Ref. voltages, Temperatures)  
RAW         Data in units of uncalibrated RPC-ICA detector counts             
RPC         Rosetta Plasma Consortium                                         
ICA         Ion Composition Analyzer                                          
PDS         Planetary Data System                                             
ESA         European Space Agency                                             
This data set contains instrument raw data obtained by the Ion Composition    
Analyzer (RPC-ICA) onboard ESA's ROSETTA spacecraft.                          
MARS RPC-ICA Data Archive                                                     
a) DATA                                                                       
CODMAC Level/Type    Data Type    Data Content                                
  2 / EDITED Data    table        RAW data of ICA, HK data and GEOMETRY data  
The data can be found in directories of this type:                            
DATA/EDITED/year/month/Dday/*.TAB (ICA, HK and GEOMETRY data files)           
                            *.LBL (PDS LABEL files for the data files)        
All data files are in ASCII text format.                                      
b) Supporting files                                                           
Supporting files for the Archive user include PDS descriptions, documents,    
and searchable indices. These have been organized into six directories one    
level below the root: BROWSE, CALIB, CATALOG, DOCUMENT, GEOMETRY, INDEX &     
                             Structure of the Volume                          
AAREADME.TXT  (PDS required introduction to the data set)                     
VOLDESC.CAT   (PDS required volume description of the data only)              
BROWSE/BROWINFO.TXT  (Description of the contents of the BROWSE directory)    
       BROWSE.HTM    (Entry point for BROWSE directory web browser access)    
       BROWSE.LBL    (PDS LABEL file for BROWSE.HTM)                          
      /year/month/Dday/*YYMMDD.PNG     (24 hour plot of the ICA data)         
                       *YYMMDDTxx.PNG  (1 hour plots of the ICA data)         
                       *.LBL           (PDS LABEL files for the ICA plots)    
CALIB/CALINFO.TXT  (Description of the contents of the CALIB directory)       
         *.LBL  (PDS LABEL file for Calibration tables)                       
         *.TAB  (Calibration tables in ASCII format)                          
CATALOG/CATINFO.TXT  (Description of the contents of the CATALOG directory)   
         *.CAT  (Mission, spacecraft, instrument, data, references)           
DOCUMENT/DOCINFO.TXT  (Description of the contents of the DOCUMENT directory) 
         *.LBL  (PDS LABEL files for documents)                               
         *.ASC  (ASCII text documents)                                        
         *.DOC  (WORD documents)                                              
         *.HTM  (HTML documents)                                              
         *.PDF  (PDF  documents)                                              
         *.PNG  (PNG  pictures)                                               
GEOMETRY/GEOMINFO.TXT  (Description of the contents of the GEOMETRY directory)
         *.LBL  (PDS LABEL files for geometry files)                          
         *.PDF  (PDF geometry files)                                          
         *.JPG  (JPEG geometry pictures)                                      
INDEX/INDXINFO.TXT  (Description of the contents of the INDEX directory)      
         INDEX.LBL         (PDS LABEL file for INDEX.TAB)                     
         INDEX.TAB         (Index of the DATA directory in tabular format)    
         BROWSE_INDEX.LBL  (PDS LABEL file for BROWSE_INDEX.TAB)              
         BROWSE_INDEX.TAB  (Index of the BROWSE directory in tabular format)  
SOFTWARE/SOFTINFO.TXT  (Description of the contents of the SOFTWARE directory)
         *.LBL  (PDS LABEL files for software files)                          
         *.DAT  (Data files for the Matlab software)                          
         *.M    (Matlab source code files)                                    
The ROSETTA project decided that the data would be archived in the PDS        
format. Consequently, the layout of this volume and the labels for each file  
conform the PDS guidelines.                                                   
Data generated by:                                                            
Hans Nilsson                                                                  
Swedish Institute of Space Physics                                            
Box 812                                                                       
SE-981 28 Kiruna                                                              
hans dot nilsson at irf dot se                                                
RPC-ICA PI:                                                                   
Rickard Lundin                                                                
Swedish Institute of Space Physics                                            
Box 812                                                                       
SE-981 28 Kiruna                                                              
rickard dot lundin at irf dot se                                              
RPC-ICA co-PI:                                                                
Hans Nilsson                                                                  
Swedish Institute of Space Physics                                            
Box 812                                                                       
SE-981 28 Kiruna                                                              
hans dot nilsson at irf dot se