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Rosetta-Orbiter RSI Commissioning 2 Data - 9/11 thru 9/12


Abstract: This is a Commissioning measurement covering the time 2004-09-11T19:30:04.500 to 2004-09-12T02:15:03.500.

RO-X-RSI-1/2/3-CVP2-0010-V1.0 [Errata] Browse Download (179.3 MB)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "M. Paetzold, Rosetta RSI Level 1, 2 and 3 data, Experimental Data acquired from Commissioning 1 (CVP1), Version V1.0, RO-X-RSI-1/2/3-CVP2-0010-V1.0, ESA Planetary Science Archive and NASA Planetary Data System, 2011."

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