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RECORD_TYPE           = STREAM                                                
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  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT    = ASCII                                               
  PUBLICATION_DATE      =  2011-02-09
  NOTE                  = "Introduction to this archive volume."              
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                Volume ID: RORSI_0011
                Data from Experiments on 2004/283
                RO Commissioning 2
                "RORSI_0011_2004_283 V1.0"
                    Rheinisches Institut fuer Umweltforschung                 
                           at the University of Cologne                       
                         Department of Planetary Research                     
     This electronic media contains archival raw, partially processed, and
     ancillary/supporting radio science data acquired during the 
     ROSETTA Commissioning 2. 
     The definition of the mission phases
     is given in CATALOG/MISSION.CAT.

The radio observations were carried out using the ROS spacecraft and 
Earth based receiving station in New Norcia, Australia (ESA), or the DSN
stations (NASA). 

Each disc in the volume set contains data from one day of the mission
phase. Data are organized in approximate chronological order, though
receipt at Cologne was generally more important in determining 
placement than strict order of generation or applicability. If data
are not or just incomplete available for archiving, the affected day will
be skipped. The archiving of this day takes place some time later. For
this reason a strict chronological order of data organization can not be
adhered to. A table of contents is included with each volume, listing
each file in the volume; a separate table of contents shows all files
within the data set.       
The table below lists the individual volumes (CDs) created to date and
(very briefly) their respective contents.                             

  RSI VOLUME ID    VOLUME_ID     Start Date    Measurement
  -------------    ----------    ----------    -------------
  RORSI_0001       RORSI_0001    2004-03-26    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0002       RORSI_0002    2004-03-27    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0003       RORSI_0003    2004-03-28    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0004       RORSI_0004    2004-03-29    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0005       RORSI_0005    2004-05-02    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0006       RORSI_0006    2004-05-03    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0007       RORSI_0007    2004-05-04    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0008       RORSI_0008    2004-05-05    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0009       RORSI_0009    2004-05-06    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0010       RORSI_0010    2004-09-11    Commissioning 
  RORSI_0011       RORSI_0011    2004-10-09    Commissioning 

VOLUME SET INFORMATION                                                
This disc is one of several which contain raw and partially processed
data from the ROSETTA Commissioning 2.  
Each archive volume has the structure illustrated in the diagram 
below. Not all directories or file types will be present on every 
disc; for example, one volume may contain either IFMS or DSN 
Data Files. In cases where the directory contains no files, the 
directory itself has been omitted from the CD-WO volume.              
The primary data types for these volumes are if the data was retrieved
from an ESA ground station IFMS closed-loop and open-loop data files. 
In case of data files received in ground station of the DSN system 
these are the DSN Radio-Science Receiver (RSR) data files, the Orbit 
Data File (ODF), and the Tracking and Navigation Data File (TNF). All 
these files are stored in the DATA folder in the root directory within
appropriate subfolders.              
The primary data files are accompanied by a number of ancillary files
in the CALIB directories and the ANCILLARY folders of the EXTRAS 
directories. CALIB and DOCUMENT files appear on every volume where
they could be useful. Each of these files appears only once in the
volume set; users should consult the tables of contents in the INDEX
directory for file locations.   
The diagram below shows the organization of each volume, starting from
the root of the compact disc.                                         
     |- AAREADME.TXT                                                  
     |- ERRATA.TXT                                                    
     |- VOLDESC.CAT                                                   
     |- BROWSE                                                        
     |     |                                                          
     |     |- BROWINFO.TXT    Description of the BROWSE directory
     |                        which includes Quick Look Browse Plots 
     |                        of the data.                            
     |- CALIB                                                         
     |     |                                                          
           |- CALINFO.TXT     Overview of directory                   
     |     |- CLOSED_LOOP                                             
     |            |-IFMS      IFMS closed-loop calibration files      
     |            |-DSN       DSN closed-loop calibration files       
     |     |- OPEN_LOOP                                               
     |            |-IFMS      IFMS open-loop calibration files         
     |            |-DSN       DSN open-loop calibration files          
     |                        This folder will only be generated if
     |                        the uplink frequency in one of the .RAW
     |                        files was identified as wrong.
     |                        It tells the user which files were 
     |                        affected and where to find the corrected
     |                        Level 2 data files.
     |- CATALOG                                                       
     |     |                                                          
     |     |- CATINFO.TXT       Streamlined PDS catalog files         
     |     |- MISSION.CAT       for mission, host, instrument,        
     |     |- INSTHOST.CAT      references, personnel, and            
     |     |- INST.CAT          data set (files evolve as             
     |     |- REF.CAT           mission progresses).                  
     |     |- PERSON.CAT                                              
     |     |- DATASET.CAT
     |     |- SOFT.CAT                                              
     |     |- TARGET.CAT                                              
     |- DATA                                                          
     |     |                                                          
     |     |- LEVEL1A                                                 
     |            |- CLOSED_LOOP                                      
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS closed-loop data files(Level 1a)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN closed-loop data files (Level 1a)
     |            |- OPEN_LOOP                                        
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS open-loop data files  (Level 1a)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN open-loop data files   (Level 1a)
     |     |- LEVEL1b                                                 
     |            |- CLOSED_LOOP                                      
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS closed-loop data files(Level 1b)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN closed-loop data files (Level 1b)
     |            |- OPEN_LOOP                                        
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS open-loop data files  (Level 1b)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN open-loop data files   (Level 1b)
     |     |- LEVEL02                                                 
     |            |- CLOSED_LOOP                                      
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS closed-loop data files (Level 2)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN closed-loop data files  (Level 2)
     |            |- OPEN_LOOP                                        
     |                 |-IFMS    IFMS open-loop data files   (Level 2)
     |                 |-DSN     DSN open-loop data files    (Level 2)
     |- EXTRAS                                                        
     |     |                                                     
     |     |- ANCILLARY                                               
     |          |- SPICE    SPICE Ancillary Data files                
     |          |- ESOC     ESOC Ancillary Data files                 
     |          |- UNIBW    UniBW Ancillary Data files
     |          |- RSI      Level 2 Processing logfiles       
     |          |- SUE      Modified Spice kernels
     |          |- DSN      Earth Orientiation Parameter files, 
     |                      Light Time File and Orbit Propagation and
     |                      Timing Geometry File
     |- INDEX                                                         
     |     |                                                          
     |     |- INDXINFO.TXT     Overview of directory                  
     |     |- INDEX.LBL        Label to INDEX.TAB                     
     |     |- INDEX.TAB        List of data file contents, this volume
     |     |- BROWSE_INDEX.TAB List of all files in BROWSE directory
     |     |                                                   
     |     |- DOCINFO.TXT     Overview of directory         
     |     |- RSI_DOC         RSI documents                     
     |     |- ESA_DOC         ESA documents                
     |     |- DSN_DOC         DSN documents documents  7
     A cumulative list of errors and changes is maintained in the file
ERRATA.TXT at the root level of each volume.  ERRATA.TXT in higher 
numbered volumes (or higher version numbers) will have errors for 
earlier volumes.     
DISC FORMAT                                                           
The disc is organized according to the PDS standard for 
'one data set, one volume.' This file (AAREADME.TXT), a PDS volume 
object definition        
(VOLDESC.CAT), and the listing of errors and changes (ERRATA.TXT) are 
included at the root level.  The following directories of descriptive 
material are also at the root level:                                  
   CALIB     contains data files for data calibration, e.g. the IFMS  
             Range calibration files and IFMS Meteo files containing  
             Meteorological data from ground station.                 
             In case of DSN data the appropriate calibration files are
             tropospheric and ionospheric media calibration files     
             Note: If the uplink frequency in one of the RAW files was
                   identified as wrong the folder UPLINK_FREQ_CORRECT
                   will contain files which identify
                   which files were affected and where to find the    
                   corrected Level 2 data files.         
   CATALOG   contains descriptive files for cataloging the data       
             on this disc.                                            
   BROWSE    contains Quick Look Browse Plots of the data.       
   INDEX     contains index information on each of the data files     
             included in this disc; it also includes a cumulative     
             index to all files in this volume set.                   
   DATA      contains the scientific data of data level 1a, 1b and    
             Level 2. The different data files are described with     
             Detached labels.                                         
   EXTRAS    contains additional information which may help some      
             users understand or manipulate data;                     
             The ANCILLARY subfolder contains ancillary data          
             about spacecraft orbit, attitude                         
             clock conversions, planetary ephemerises and constants in
             two different formats: the NAIF SPICE software and the   
             OASW software from ESOC. Additional data files from the  
             Universitaet der Bundeswehr, Munich, are also stored in
             a appropriate subfolder, if available.                   
             Files in this directory are not considered part of the   
             formal archive and have not been reviewed for 
             completeness or accuracy.  
   DOCUMENT  contains the files that provide documentation and 
             supplementary information to assist in understanding and 
             using the data products on the volume.                   
FILE FORMAT                                                           
The file format of the data files on a volume depends on the data 
type, IFMS Or DSN data. The IFMS data files are all in ASCII format.
The closed-loop and open loop DSN data files on the other hand are 
all binary. The Format description can be found in the DOCUMENT 
folders of the EXTRAS Directory. All documents in the DOCUMENT 
subdirectories are in the binary PDF Format, which can be read by
nearly all standard text readers, e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader.          
Most of the data files on the disc are accompanied by detached 
PDS labels, which describe their contents. Some data products have so
called 'combined detached' labels, where one label covers two or more
data files. Detached labels have the same file name as the data file 
except that the label name has the suffix 'LBL'.                      
Scientific Software for processing and analyzing of the RSI data 
files are not included in any RSI data volume.                        
These data were collected under auspices of the Project     
M. Paetzold of the Rhenish Institute of Environmental Research at the 
University of Cologne as the Principal Investigator of the 
Radio-Science Experiment. 

He was also the Radio Science Team Leader. Members of the Team and its
support elements involved in data acquisition and validation included
Richard Simpson (Stanford University) and B. Haeusler (UniBW, Munich).
Although considerable care has gone into making this volume set, 
errors are both possible and likely.  Users of the data are advised to
exercise the same caution as they would when dealing with any other 
unknown data set.      
Reports of errors or difficulties would be appreciated.  
Please contact one of the persons listed below.                       
COGNIZANT PERSONNEL                                                   
The person most directly responsible for construction and release of  
this volume set is Martin Paetzold (PI). Although many people 
contributed to the volume set, any faults in the product 
are his alone.    
MARTIN PAETZOLD                                                       
AN DER UNIVERSITAET ZU KOELN                                          
AACHENER STR. 209                                                     
50931 COLOGNE                                                         
TEL: +49/221/27781810
BERND HAEUSLER                                                        
INSTITUT FUER RAUMFAHRTTECHNIK,                                       
UNIVERSITAET DER BUNDESWEHR,                                          
TEL: +49/89/6004-2138
RICHARD A. SIMPSON                                                    
CENTER FOR RADAR ASTRONOMY                                            
DURAND BLDG - ROOM 232                                                
STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                                   
STANFORD, CA  94305-9515                                              
TEL: 650-723-3525                                                     
FAX: 650-723-9251                                                     
ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS                                            
AGK    Antenna Gain Kernel (file and/or directory)                    
AMD    Angular Momentum Desaturation (file and/or directory)          
ATDF   Archival Tracking Data File (same as TDF)                      
CALIB  Calibration (file and/or directory)                            
CD     Compact Disc                                                   
DKF    DSN Keyword File (file and/or directory)                       
DSN    Deep Space Network                                             
ECH    Engineering - Channelized data (file and/or directory)         
ECS    Engineering - Channelized data Summary (file and/or directory) 
ECT    Engineering Channel Table                                      
EOP    Earth Orientation Parameters (file and/or directory)           
EPK    Engineering - Packet data (file and/or directory) 
ESA    European Space Agency                    
FBR    Filtered Body Rates (file and/or directory)                    
HEA    Health report (file and/or directory)                          
HGA    High Gain Antenna (device and/or file and/or directory)
IFMS   Intermediate Frequency Modulation System        
ION    Ionosphere Calibration file (file and/or directory)            
LGA    Low Gain Antenna                                               
LIT    Light Time (file and/or directory)                             
MCH    DSN Monitor - Channelized data (file and/or directory)         
MCT    Monitor Channel Table                                          
MIF    Maneuver Implementation/Reconstruction File 
       (file and/or directory)
MOI    Mars Orbit Insertion                                           
MPD    Maneuver Performance Data (file and/or directory)              
MPF    Maneuver Profile File                                          
MPK    DSN Monitor - Packet data (file and/or directory)              
NASA   National Aeronautics and Space Administration                  
occn   occultation                                                    
ODR    Original Data Record (file and/or directory)                   
ODF    Orbit Data File (file and/or directory)                        
ONF    Orbit Number File (file and/or directory)                      
OPT    Orbit Propagation and Timing Geometry (file and/or directory)  
PDS    Planetary Data System                                          
RSI    Radio Science Investigations
RSR    Radio Science Receiver
RSS    Radio Science Subsystem                                        
SAK    Solar Array Kernel (file and/or directory)                     
SFO    Space Flight Operations Sequence (file and/or directory)       
SOE    Sequence of Operations (file and/or directory)                 
SPK    Spacecraft and Planet Kernel (file and/or directory)           
TCK    Text C-Kernel (file and/or directory)                          
TDF    Tracking Data File (file and/or directory)                     
TNF    Tracking and Navigarion file
TIM    Time and Polar Motion (file and/or directory)                  
TMO    Transition to Mapping Orbit                                    
TRO    Troposphere Calibration File (file and/or directory)           
WEA    DSN Weather (file and/or directory)                            
WO     Write Once