PDS_VERSION_ID         = PDS3                                                 
RECORD_TYPE            = STREAM                                               
OBJECT                 = TEXT                                                 
  PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2007-10-01                                           
  INTERCHANGE_FORMAT   = ASCII                                                
  NOTE                 = "Description of the CATALOG directory contents for   
                          the Stardust NAVCAM Wild 2 Encounter image          
END_OBJECT             = TEXT                                                 
        CATALOG Directory Contents                                            
The CATALOG directory contains high-level catalog objects for the             
Stardust Navigation Camera comet Wild 2 encounter image archive.              
The following files are found in this directory:                              
CATINFO.TXT   - The file you are now reading.                                 
STARDUST.CAT  - High-level catalog object for the Stardust mission.           
SDU.CAT       - High-level catalog object for the Stardust spacecraft.        
NAVCAM.CAT    - High-level catalog object for the Navigation Camera on        
                the Stardust spacecraft.                                      
DATASET.CAT   - High-level catalog object for the Stardust Navigation         
                Camera Wild 2 Encounter image data set.                       
              - Target catalog object for comet 81P/Wild 2.                   
              - Target catalog object for asteroid 5535 Annefrank.            
              - Target catalog object for interstellar particles.             
              - Target catalog object for calibration data.                   
REFERENCE.CAT - Bibliographic citations for reference works cited in          
                other catalog objects.                                        
PERSONNEL.CAT - High-level catalog object for personnel officially            
                responsible for the production and distribution of the        
                Stardust Navigation Camera Flight Data archive.               
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