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Documentation Provided on SDNC_0003 Archive Volume                            
   The DOCUMENT directory of this archive volume contains the following       
   files and subdirectories:                                                  
      CALRPT           -- subdirectory containing the NAVCAM pre-flight       
                          calibration document. Note that the                 
                          calibration document does not apply to the          
                          data provided in this data set, but rather to       
                          the preflight calibration data. Still this          
                          document is provided because it contains the        
                          best known, most current information                
                          regarding the camera. This document is a            
                          collection of a large variety of information        
                          regarding the characteristics and behavior of       
                          the STARDUST Navigation camera, as well as          
                          the characteristics of the optics and               
                          reflecting surfaces.  In July 2010 the NAVCAM       
                          data compression lookup table documented in         
                          CALRPT was corrected per Stardust-NExT              
                          mission ops.                                        
      SCDESC           -- subdirectory containing the spacecraft and          
                          instrument description document, consisting         
                          of a collection of HTML documents and               
                          accompanying images, describing the various         
                          subsystems on the spacecraft as well as a           
                          description of each of the science                  
                          instruments on the spacecraft. The top HTLM         
                          file for this document is SCDESC.HTM.               
      NAVCAM_CALIBRATION.PDF  - Description of the calibration procedures     
                                used for calibrating the NAVCAM images        
      SBN_CALIBRATION_COMMENTS.ASC - Comments from the Small Bodies           
                                     Node regarding the NAVCAM                
                                     calibration procedures                   
      PIXEL_SCALE_ANALYSIS.ASC - Crude analysis of the NAVCAM pixel           
                                 scale and field distortion.                  
      FLAT_FIELD_ANALYSIS.ASC  - Check of thhe NAVCAM flat fielding.          
      SHUTTER_CORRECTION.ASC - Description of the shutter parity              
                               problem and the coorrections that were         
      SHUTTER_PARITY_LIST - List of the direction of the shutter              
                            movement for each image, and the times            
                            when the NAVCAM power was cycled.                 
      MISSION_PLAN.PDF -- Stardust mission plan document.                     
      M_PLAN_SUPA.PDF  -- Supplement A (post-launch update) to the            
                          Stardust mission plan document.                     
      M_PLAN_SUPB.PDF  -- Supplement B (Annefrank encounter update) to        
                          the Stardust mission plan document.                 
      NC_DES_A.PDF     -- NAVCAM instrument description document.             
      PIIMGLOG.ASC     -- ASCII and PDF versions of the log of Stardust       
      PIIMGLOG.PDF        NAVCAM images taken during flight, put              
                          together by the NAVCAM PI Dr. Raymond L.            
                          Newburn, Jr.                                        
      VERSION_UPDATES.ASC -- Description of the tasks that were performed     
                             in updating the Stardust NAVCAM raw data to      
                             version 2.0, including corrections made in       
                             July 2010 to the NAVCAM data compression         
                             lookup table table documented in CALRPT/.        
      DOCINFO.TXT      -- This file.                                          
   The labels for PDF documents provided in this directory are detached       
   and have the same name as the document and extension .LBL.                 
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