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PDS_VERSION_ID       = PDS3                                                   
RECORD_TYPE          = STREAM                                                 
OBJECT               = TEXT                                                   
  NOTE               = "                                                      
    AAREADME file for Stardust Wild 2 shape models, version 2.1"              
  PUBLICATION_DATE   = 2006-06-28                                             
END_OBJECT           = TEXT                                                   
This volume was created for the sole purpose of delivering this small         
data set on a hard medium to Central Node and the NSSDC.                      
For information about content and format, please see the documentation        
in the descriptive sections of the files in the catalog/ subdirectory.        
Version 2.1 corrects an error in the RECORD_TYPE value of one of the          
data file labels.                                                             
Shape models of Comet Wild 2 as derived from the Stardust NAVCAM images       
   This document provides an overview of this volume of the Wild 2            
   shape models, including a complete listing of the volume contents.         
   This volume contains the triaxial ellipsoid model that defines the         
   basic shape and orientation of the nucleus, as well as the more            
   detailed plate model that describes the topographic features on the        
   surface.  Different versions of the plate model are included, with         
   2 versions in cartesian coordinates and 2 versions in                      
   planetocentric coordinates.  For each set, one version includes            
   only the portions of the surface visible in the NAVCAM images,             
   while the second version fills in the unseen regions with the              
   best-fitting triaxial ellipsoid.  See the DATASET.CAT file in the          
   CATALOG directory for information about how the models were                
   Version 1.0 of this data set included only the triaxial ellipsoid.         
   Version 2.0 adds the various forms of the deailed plate model.             
Volume Contents                                                               
   Files on this volume are organized into a set of subdirectories            
   below the top-level directory. The following table shows the               
   structure and content of these directories. In the table, directory        
   names are enclosed in square brackets ([]).                                
  |-- AAREADME.TXT        The text version of the AAREADME file.              
  |-- VOLDESC.CAT         Description of the contents of this volume.         
  |--[BROWSE]             Directory containing PDS catalog objects.           
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- BROWSEINFO.TXT   Description of files in the BROWSE directory.       
  |  |-- WILD2_SHAPE_VRML_HEADL.LBL  VRML version of plate model (Headlight)  
  |  |-- WILD2_SHAPE_VRML_SOLAR.LBL  VRML version of plate model (sun illum.) 
  |  +-- *.LBL            PDS labels for documents in this directory.         
  |--[CATALOG]            Directory containing PDS catalog objects.           
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- CATINFO.TXT            Description of files in the CATALOG directory.
  |  |-- DATASET.CAT            Description of Widl 2 shape models.           
  |  |-- NAVCAM.CAT             Description of the NAVCAM instrument.         
  |  |-- SDU.CAT                Description of the spacecraft.                
  |  |-- STARDUST.CAT           Description of the mission.                   
  |  |-- REFERENCE.CAT          References to works cited in catalog objects. 
  |  |-- 81P_WILD_2_1978_A2.CAT Target catalog object for comet Wild 2.       
  |  +-- 5535_ANNEFRANK.CAT     Target catalog object for asteroid Annefrank. 
  |--[DATA]               Directory containing NAVCAM Wild 2 data.            
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- WILD2_SHAPE.TAB      Basic triaxial ellipsoid shape model of Wild 2. 
  |  |-- WILD2_CART_VIS.TAB   Plate model of the visible surface (cartesian). 
  |  |-- WILD2_CART_FULL.TAB  Plate model of full nucleus (cartesian).        
  |  |-- WILD2_PLAN_VIS.TAB   Plate model of the visible surface (planeto.).  
  |  |-- WILD2_PLAN_FULL.TAB  Plate model of full nucleus (planetocentric).   
  |  +-- *.LBL                PDS labels for documents in this directory.     
  |--[DOCUMENT]           Directory containing volume related documents.      
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- DOCINFO.TXT           Description of files in the DOCUMENT directory.
  |  |-- MODEL_DESC.TXT        Description of the triaxial ellipsoid model.   
  |  |-- FIGURE1.*             Figure showing the model geometry.             
  |  |-- FIGURE2.*             Figure showing the triaxial ellipsoid fit.     
  |  |-- PLATE_MODEL_DESC.TXT  Description of the topographic plate model.    
  |  |-- PLATE_FIGURE1.*       Figure showing the plate model.                
  |  |-- MODEL_PREP.TXT        Steps taken by SBN to prepare the models.      
  |  +-- *.LBL                 PDS labels for documents in this directory.    
  +--[INDEX]              Directory containing index files.                   
     |-- INDXINFO.TXT     Description of files in the INDEX directory.        
     |-- INDEX.TAB        Index of files on this volume.                      
     +-- INDEX.LBL        PDS label for INDEX.TAB file.                       
Whom to Contact for Information                                               
   Model generation:                                                          
      Dr. Thomas C. Duxbury                                                   
      Phone: +1 (818) 354-4301                                                
      Electronic mail address:  THOMAS.C.DUXBURY@JPL.NASA.GOV                 
      JET PROPULSION LABORATORY                                               
      MAILSTOP 301-429                                                        
      4800 OAK GROVE DRIVE                                                    
      PASADENA, CA 91109                                                      
   Preparation for PDS  (SBN)                                                 
      Dr. Tony L. Farnham                                                     
      Phone: +1 (301) 405-3856                                                
      Electronic mail address:                          
      Dr. Jian-yang Li                                                        
      Phone: +1 (301)                                                         
      Electronic mail address:                             
      Department of Astronomy                                                 
      University of Maryland                                                  
      College Park, MD 20742                                                  
-Tony Farnham                                                                 
 PDS Small Bodies Node                                                        
 University of Maryland