PDS_VERSION_ID                     = PDS3                                     
RECORD_TYPE                        = STREAM                                   
OBJECT                             = TEXT                                     
   PUBLICATION_DATE                = 2010-04-01  /* Label Generated */        
   NOTE                            = "Description of the contents of the      
        document directory."                                                  
END_OBJECT                         = TEXT                                     
"document" Directory Contents                                                 
The document directory contains documentation files, where available, for the 
data set in this volume.  All document files will have an accompanying label  
file to describe content and structure.  Label files have the same name as the
main document file, with an extension of ".lbl".                              
docinfo.txt -  The file you are reading.                                      
ads.asc -  This is an internal file of bibliographic information to be sent by
        PDS to the Abstract Data Service (ADS) to list this data set in their 
        service.  This file is not intended to be useful to data users.       
ads.lbl -  The label for ads.asc.                                             
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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] ads.asc 01-Apr-2010 11:45 841 [   ] ads.lbl 01-Apr-2010 11:45 1.3K [PDS label] [TXT] docinfo.txt 01-Apr-2010 11:45 2.0K
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