PDS_VERSION_ID        = PDS3                                                  
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  PUBLICATION_DATE    = 2010-12-10                                            
  NOTE                = "Description of documents included on this archive    
    2010-12-10  A.C.Raugh  Added catalog/ subdirectory to hold early          
                           drafts of catalog files subsequently revised       
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  Stardust Navcam Preflight Calibration Documentation                         
    Several documents are included in the DOCUMENT subdirectory to            
    provide a thorough description of the spacecraft, the instruments,        
    the original logs from the calibration procedure (with typographical      
    corrections) and most importantly, the calibration report.                
    The spacecraft and instrument description document is a collection        
    of HTML documents which describe the various subsystems on the            
    spacecraft as well as a description of each of the science                
    instruments on the spacecraft.  This document can be found in the         
    DOCUMENT/SCDESC directory, starting with SCDESC.HTM.                      
    The calibration logs, in the DOCUMENT/NCLOGS directory, show the          
    information that was collected regarding each image during the            
    calibration process.  The original logs were recorded by hand and         
    can be found in the DOCUMENT/NCLOGS/ORIGINAL directory.  Because of       
    the nature of the recording method, typographical errors were             
    inevitable.  During the processing of the calibration data, these         
    errors were discovered and corrected.  The corrected logfiles can         
    be found in the DOCUMENT/NCLOGS/CORRECTED directory.                      
    The calibration document is a collection of a large variety of            
    information regarding the characteristics and behaviour of the            
    STARDUST Navigation camera, as well as the characteristics of the         
    optics and reflecting surfaces.  This report is listed as a               
    single PDF file, suitable for viewing with Adobe Acrobat.  The            
    report can be found in DOCUMENT/CALRPT/CALRPT.PDF.                        
    The catalog/ subdirectory was added as the data were being prepared       
    for safing under PDS3, to hold early drafts of mission catalog files      
    that were subsequently rewritten.  This was done largely to avoid         
    conflicts and accidental overwriting of the finished mission catalog      
    files when these safed data were added to the catalog database.           
  Contact Information:                                                        
    For information regarding the Navigation Camera of the Calibration        
    document, please contact:                                                 
      Ray L. Newburn, Jr.                                                     
       email: ray.l.newburn@jpl.nasa.gov                                      
       voice: (818) 354-2319                                                  
       fax:   (818) 393-3517                                                  
    For information regarding the other documents:                            
      Howard W. Taylor                                                        
      Applied Coherent Technology Corporation                                 
       email: taylor@actgate.com                                              
       voice: (818) 354-5401                                                  
       fax:   (818) 393-3517                                                  
      Jet Propulsion Laboratory                                               
      Mailstop 301-429                                                        
      4800 Oak Grove Drive                                                    
      Pasadena, CA 91109                                                      
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