PDS_VERSION_ID                 = PDS3                                         
RECORD_TYPE                    = STREAM                                       
OBJECT                         = TEXT                                         
   PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2002-12-04                                   
   NOTE                        = "                                            
    This file describes the content of the DOCUMENT directory                 
END_OBJECT                     = TEXT                                         
         DOCINFO.TXT                   This file listing directory contents   
         MASTERCR.ASC                  Description of master form of data     
         MASTERFB.ASC                  Description of master form of data     
         NAM_CON.ASC                   Name conventions for all forms of data 
         SURVEYCR.ASC                  Description of survey form of data     
         S0FBT1SE.ASC                  Description of T1 survey form of data  
         S0FBT2SE.ASC                  Description of T2 survey form of data  
         CALIB/*.GIF                   Digitized IWF9003 (process description)
         PLOT/V*.GIF                   Sample plots from vega 1 (SE) in 1986  
         PROCESS/DATACONV/EXAMPLE.ASC  Flat-file data fromat example          
                          DATACONV.ASC List of file used in data conversion   
                          FLATTEST*    Example processed file with ASCII data 
                          FLATSPEC.*   Flat-file format specifications        
         PROCESS/OFFSET/B01OFFSE.ASC   List of OFFSETs for Vega 1 times       
                        B0OFFSET.ASC   Outline of calibration process and ref 
                        B0SPIN.ASC     List of spinning session for Vega 1/2  
         PROCESS/POSITION/V1FLYBY*     Spacecraft position during flyby (V1)  
                          VEG1POS*     Spacecraft position during cruise (V1) 
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