Search Electronic Circulars

This utility performs a simple grep search using the parameters you enter below. Enter any string exactly the way you would on the command line.

grep pattern:
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Circulars:    IAU         MPEC         CBET         All

Enter the list of years you'd like to search through. You may use the asterisk as a wildcard. If no year is entered, all years will be assumed.


Enter the filenames to be checked. You may use the asterisk as a wildcard. If no file names are entered, all files for the above-listed years will be included.


IAU Circular files are named by their circular number (4 digits). IAU Circulars dating back to 1990, Circular number 5100, are available.

MPC Circular files are named by the last part of their MPEC number (a capital letter followed by 2 digits). MPECs dating back to 1994, issue S01, are available.

CBET files are names by the telegram number (4 digits). All electronic telegrams are available, beginning with No. 0001, from late 2002.


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