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PDS_VERSION_ID     = PDS3                                                     
RECORD_TYPE        = "STREAM"                                                 
OBJECT             = TEXT                                                     
  NOTE             = "                                                        
    AAREADME file for the EPOXI HRIV (High Resolution Visible CCD)            
    Exoplanet Transit Observations Photometry Data Set                        
  PUBLICATION_DATE = 2010-05-31                                               
END_OBJECT         = TEXT                                                     
  This data set contains aperture photometry of known transiting planet       
  systems GJ 436, HAT-P-4, HAT-P-7, TrES-2, TrES-3, and WASP-3 derived        
  from radiance calibrated, clear #6 filtered images acquired by the Deep     
  Impact High Resolution Visible CCD from 22 January through 31 August        
  2008 during the EPOCh phase of the EPOXI mission.  The photometry data      
  were derived from time series of continuous 50-second integrations used     
  to observe each system for about three weeks, typically covering five       
  or more transits as well as secondary eclipses.                             
Volume Format                                                                 
  This volume has been formatted according to the ISO-9660 level 2            
  Interchange Standard for directories and file names as described            
  in Version 3.7 of the PDS Standards Reference.                              
File Formats                                                                  
  All text documents and other meta information files such as                 
  descriptions, PDS object definitions, and detached PDS labels are           
  stream format files, with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and a line           
  feed character (ASCII 10) at the end of the record.  This allows            
  the files to be read by various operating systems.                          
Volume Contents                                                               
  Files on this volume are organized into a set of subdirectories below       
  the top-level directory.  The following table shows the general             
  structure and content of these directories but does not exhaustively        
  list every file in each directory.  In the table, directory names           
  are surrounded by forward slashes (/), and the top-level of the             
  volume is indicated by a single forward slash.  See the *INFO.TXT           
  files in each top-level sub-directory for specific information about        
  the files under that directory.                                             
  /                       Top level of volume                                 
  |-- AAREADME.TXT        This file                                           
  |-- VOLDESC.CAT         Description of the logical contents of this volume  
  |--/CATALOG/            Directory containing PDS catalog objects            
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- CATINFO.TXT      Description of files in this subdirectory           
  |  |-- DATASET.CAT      Description of this data set                        
  |  |-- DIF.CAT          Description of the Deep Impact flyby spacecraft     
  |  |-- EPOXI.CAT        Description of the EPOXI mission                    
  |  |-- HRIV.CAT         Description of the HRIV instrument                  
  |  |-- PERSONNEL.CAT    Personnel involved in creating this archive         
  |  |-- REF.CAT          References to works cited in catalog objects        
  |--/DATA/               Directory containing photometry for each target.    
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |--/ASCII/                                                               
  |  |  |                                                                     
  |  |  |-- ttttt_PHOTOMETRY_ASCII.TAB  Photometry of target 'ttttt' provided 
  |  |  +-- ttttt_PHOTOMETRY_ASCII.LBL  as an ASCII table with PDS label      
  |  |                                                                        
  |  +--/FITSBIN/                                                             
  |     |                                                                     
  |     |-- ttttt_PHOTOMETRY.FIT        Photometry of target 'ttttt' provided 
  |     +-- ttttt_PHOTOMETRY.LBL        as a FITS binary table with PDS label 
  |--/DOCUMENT/           Directory of documents most useful for              
  |  |                    understanding this data set; Each document has one  
  |  |                    PDS label; The full documentation set for Deep      
  |  |                    Impact and EPOXI is available in the PDS data set   
  |  |                    DI-C-HRII/HRIV/MRI/ITS-6-DOC-SET-V3.0               
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- DOCINFO.TXT      Description of files in this subdirectory           
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- DAY_OF_YEAR_CALENDAR.*                                               
  |  |                    Perpetual and leap year day of year calendars       
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- EPOXI_HRIV_PSFS.*                                                    
  |  |                  Describes the EPOXI HRIV instrumental PSFs that       
  |  |                  were used for transit photometry analysis             
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- EPOCH_OVERVIEW.* Provides an overview of the EPOCh phase of the      
  |  |                    EPOXI mission                                       
  |  |                                                                        
  |  |-- EPOCH_TRANSIT_OBS.*                                                  
  |  |                    Summarizes the EPOCh stellar transit observations   
  |  |                    and photometry                                      
  |  |                                                                        
  |  +-- EPOCH_TRANSIT_OBS_SCLK2BJD.*                                         
  |                       Describes the calibration of spacecraft clock       
  |                       timing and reduction to Barycentric Julian Date     
  |                       for EPOCh observations of transiting extrasolar     
  |                       planets                                             
  +--/INDEX/              Directory containing index files                    
     |-- INDXINFO.TXT     Description of files in this subdirectory           
     |-- INDEX.TAB        Table locating data files on this data set          
     |-- INDEX.LBL        PDS label for                             
     |-- CHECKSUM.TAB     MD5 checksum file for this data set                 
     +-- CHECKSUM.LBL     PDS label for                          
Whom to Contact for Information                                               
  Questions regarding the scientific elements of this data set should be      
  directed to:                                                                
    Drake Deming                                                              
    Deputy PI, EPOXI                                                          
    Principal Investigator, EPOCh Investigation                               
    Goddard Space Flight Center                                               
    Greenbelt, MD 20771 USA                                                   
    David Charbonneau, Jessie Christiansen, or Sarah Ballard                  
    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics                               
    60 Garden Street                                                          
    Cambridge, MA 02138 USA                                                   
  Questions regarding the PDS elements in this data set should be             
  directed to:                                                                
    Stephanie McLaughlin                                                      
    EPOXI Archive Team                                                        
    Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland                           
    College Park, Maryland 20742 USA