PDS_VERSION_ID      = PDS3                                     
RECORD_TYPE         = STREAM                                   
OBJECT                        = TEXT
  PUBLICATION_DATE            = 2015-07-16
  NOTE                        = "Description of the DOCUMENT
                                 directory contents for the 
                                 ROSETTA-LANDER ROLIS archive"
END_OBJECT                    = TEXT

                   DOCUMENT Directory Contents

The DOCUMENT directory contains documentation files for the ROLIS archive. 
The files listed below are found in this directory.

DOCINFO.TXT           -  The file you are reading.
CIVAROLIS_IME_ADP.PDF - CIVA FM Acceptance Data Package 
ROLIS_CALIBRATION_DESC.ASC - Calibration information for ROLIS 
                             calibrated data 
TIMELINE_SDL_RBD_FSS.TXT   - Timeline Ascii file with the PDS label  
                             attached for phase SDL, RBD, FSS                
TIMELINE_SDL_RBD_FSS_DESC.TXT - Description of the timeline file    
TIMELINE_SDL_RBD_FSS_1.PNG   - Timeline of Philae activities for
                               mission phases SDL, RBD, FSS 
TIMELINE_SDL_RBD_FSS_2.PNG   - Timeline of Philae instruments data

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