PDS_VERSION_ID          = PDS3                                      
RECORD_TYPE             = STREAM                                    
OBJECT                  = TEXT                                   
   INTERCHANGE_FORMAT   = ASCII                                  
   PUBLICATION_DATE     = 2004-07-02                             
   NOTE                 = "Documents accompanying Stardust Wild 2 
                           Encounter Dynamic Science Experiment Data 
END_OBJECT              = TEXT                                   
Documents in this directory

  SFF_SIS_SDU.PDF file is the multi-mission Small Force File (SFF)
  SIS, edited down to contain detailed information only for
  Stardust, provided in Adobe PDF format. SFF_SIS_SDU.LBL is the
  detached PDS label for this document.
  The other document provided in this directory is ONLABELS.TXT. It
  describes the keywords and values found in the Dynamic Science
  Experiment data product labels.

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