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Here we list links to the primary mission website as well as pages about the mission on other sites such as the NSSDC, NASA portal, etc.

DS1: Deep Space 1

Deep Space 1 (DS1) launched on 24 October 1998, the first of NASA's New Millennium Program missions to test and validate high-risk and low-cost advanced technologies in space. After the start tracker failed 11 November 1999 (it was not one of the 12 advanced technologies on board), the DS1 team re-engineered the on-board Miniature Integrated Camera Spectrometer (MICAS) instrument as a replacement star tracker.

On 28 July 1999 DS1 flew by the near-Earth asteroid (9969) Braille at an estimated altitude of 26 km. The scientific goals included measuring the gross physical properties, surface composition, and interaction of the asteroid with the solar wind. The DS1 primary mission ended 18 September 1999, but the mission was extended to include a flyby a comet.

On 22 September 2001, UT 22:30, Deep Space 1 successfully passed within 2,200 kilometers of comet 19P/Borrelly. The scientific goals included measuring the gross physical properties of the nucleus, coma features, interaction of the coma with the solar wind, plasma properties, and plasma composition of the coma and tail. The DS1 mission effectively ended after the encounter with Borrelly.

The SBN is the lead node to archive DS1 data from the Borrelly encounter into the PDS.


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