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The MPC Users' Group (MUG) invites community feedback on any issues, concerns, or questions about the MPC.


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PDS Support

SBN Tools, Utilities, and Interfaces

This page lists tools, suites of utilities, and interfaces developed at the SBN for internal use and for our users to find, read and process the data archived within SBN. These files are updated as routines are updated.

We also make available links to other non-SBN utilities which may be useful when accessing and manipulating data files.

Note: This software is offered as is without guarantees of suitability for use or fool-proofedness. Please practice safe processing!

Programs may require slight modification to run under your own environment. In Perl routines, for example, you will likely have to change the location of the Perl interpreter invoked in the first line of the source file. In IDL, make sure your paths are set correctly so that the main program can find sub-routines.




Non-SBN Utilities

Here are other software packages that may be of use when trying to find, access and manipulate data files (images, spectra and tables). Some of the software packages require PDS labels (attached or detached) and some require a FITS file with an attached FITS header. A detached PDS label will not cause a problem as long as a FITS header exists as part of the data file. Likewise, an attached FITS header will not cause a problem as long as there is an associated detached PDS label.