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The MPC Users' Group (MUG) invites community feedback on any issues, concerns, or questions about the MPC.


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PDS Support

Small Bodies Cross-Identification Utility

Updating to New Version!

Note this version of the Cross-ID Utility is no longer working. We are in the process of porting and upgrading the code and expect to have the new version ready in late June.

Last cross-ID update: 01 April 2011

  Search String  

Enter an identification string below corresponding to all or part of an official small body designation and select the match criterion:

  Match criterion  
All characters, blanks and case are significant and must match the entire identification as it appears in the database.
Case is not significant; non-alphanumeric characters are ignored. Two wildcard characters are recognized: the underscore ( _ ) matches exactly one arbitrary character; and the percent sign ( % ) matches zero or more arbitrary characters.

  Object Types  

Select one or more of the following to limit the type of objects returned (selecting none returns all matching objects):

Cross-ID Sources

The cross-IDs incorporated into the database come from the following sources:

The contributions from all these sources are invaluable and much appreciated.