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NNH Kuiper Belt Extended Missions (KEM and KEM2)

Following the success of the Pluto flyby, and with a fully operational and healthy spacecraft and payload, the New Horizons project was approved for its first extended mission: a 5-year long Kuiper Belt Extended Mission (KEM). KEM extends spacecraft exploration of the Kuiper Belt out to a distance of 50 AU, which the spacecraft will reach in early 2021. The main objective of KEM is an extensive study of the Kuiper Belt environment, observing numerous Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) and Centaurs in unique ways, and making the first close flyby of the KBO 486958 2014 MU69 (Arrokoth). The close flyby of MU69 occurred on January 1, 2019, and the data are now on the way to the Earth. The mission also delivers pre-flyby and post-flyby cruise data for all instruments.

A further extended mission was granted, the Kuiper Belt Extend Mission 2 (KEM2), to continue to study the Kuiper Belt dust, gas, plasma, energetic particles environments, and any other targets of opportunity.


Data Sets

Cruise to First KBO Encounter

First KBO Encounter -- Asteroid 486958 Arrokoth (2014 MU69)

KEM2 Cruise

Other Mission Datasets

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