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Deep Impact HRI-IR 9P/Tempel 1 Encounter Reduced Spectra v3.0


Abstract: This dataset contains calibrated, 1.05- to 4.8-micron spectral images of comet 9P/Tempel 1 the acquired by the High Resolution Infrared Spectrometer (HRII) from 20 June through 06 July 2005 during the encounter phase of the Deep Impact mission. Version 3.0 was calibrated by the EPOXI mission pipeline and corrects observation times with a maximum difference of about 40 milliseconds, corrects an error in the IR absolute calibration that previously inflated all spectra by a factor of 2, and upgrades the ALTFF line-dependent integration time. Version 3.0 also includes a new flat-field file derived from EPOXI lunar calibrations, improved quadrant-averaged linearity coefficients, and a refinement in the absolute spectral calibration curve.

DIF-C-HRII-3/4-9P-ENCOUNTER-V3.0 Intro Doc Browse Download (21.9 GB in 11 files)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "McLaughlin, S.A., B. Carcich, S.E. Sackett, T. McCarthy, M. Desnoyer, K.P. Klaasen, L.M. Feaga, and S. Protopapa, DEEP IMPACT 9P/TEMPEL ENCOUNTER - REDUCED HRII SPECTRA V3.0, DIF-C-HRII-3/4-9P-ENCOUNTER-V3.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2014."

DOI: 10.26007/j9b1-d974

Older versions of this data set:

DIF-C-HRII-3/4-9P-ENCOUNTER-V2.0 OFFLINE Download (21.8 GB in 3 files)
DIF-C-HRII-3/4-9P-ENCOUNTER-V1.0 OFFLINE Download (11.1 GB)

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