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Deep Impact MRI-VIS 9P/Tempel 1 Photometry


Abstract: This dataset contains photometric measurements of comet 9P/Tempel 1 from images taken with the Medium Resolution CCD Instrument during the approach phase of the Deep Impact mission (from 1 May 2005 to 4 July 2005). These data, based on circular apertures ranging from 5 to 30 pixels in diameter, were derived from both science and navigation images taken through clear filters.

DIF-C-MRI-5-TEMPEL1-PHOTOMETRY-V1.0 Browse Download (1.1 MB)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "Bastien, F.A., M.F. A'Hearn, T.L. Farnham, and D.D. Wellnitz, DEEP IMPACT MRI PHOTOMETRY OF COMET 9P/TEMPEL 1 V1.0, DIF-C-MRI-5-TEMPEL1-PHOTOMETRY-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2008."

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