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Giotto Radio Science Experiment Observations of Comet Halley


Abstract: The Giotto Radio Science Experiment data set consists of four tables. Each table contains a measurement value listed as a function of time. The measurements are: closed-loop receiver carrier signal amplitude, closed-loop receiver carrier frequency residual, open-loop receiver carrier signal amplitude, and open-loop receiver carrier frequency.

GIO-C-GRE-3-RDR-HALLEY-V1.0 Browse Download (486.2 KB)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "Edenhofer, P., GIOTTO RADIO SCIENCE EXPERIMENT DATA V1.0, GIO-C-GRE-3-RDR-HALLEY-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 1992"

DOI: 10.26007/fq2k-p997

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