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International Halley Watch Large Scale Phenomena Images of Comet Crommelin (Null Results)

Status: SAFED

Abstract: In preparation for the concerted international study of Comet Halley, the IHW conducted a trial run with observations of Comet Crommelin, largely during February and March of 1984.

IHW-C-LSPN-N-NDR-CROMMELIN-V1.0 Browse Download (70.6 KB)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "Niedner M., J.C. Brandt, and J. Rahe, IHW COMET LSPN NO-DATA DATA RECORD CROMMELIN V1.0, IHW-C-LSPN-N-NDR-CROMMELIN-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 1991."

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