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New Horizons LORRI KEM1 Encounter Calibrated Data v5.0

This data set has been superseded. Go here for the current version.


Abstract: This data set contains Calibrated data taken by the New Horizons Long Range Reconnaissance Imager instrument during the KEM1 ENCOUNTER mission phase. This is VERSION 5.0 of this data set. This data set contains data acquired by the spacecraft between 08/14/2018 and 03/01/2021. It only includes data downlinked before 03/01/2021. Future datasets may include more data acquired by the spacecraft after 08/13/2018 but downlinked after 02/28/2021. This version includes DKBO observations of 2011 HF103, 2011 HK103, 2011 HZ102, 2011 JA32, 2011 JW31, 2011 JX31, 2011 JY31, 2014 OE394, 2014 OJ394, 2014 OS393, and 2014 PN70. There are also observations of 50000 QUAOAR (2002 LM60), ASTEROID 307261 (2002 MS4), ASTEROID 486958 (2014 MU69), HD 37962, INTERPLANETARY DUST, M7, NGC 3532, PROXIMA CENTAURI, TRITON, and WOLF 359. It includes images of the approach and departure field around Arrokoth. The data cover the actual Arrokoth encounter.

NH-A-LORRI-3-KEM1-V5.0 Browse (33.3 GB) Download (12.7 GB)

PDS citation information for this data set: "Weaver, H., NEW HORIZONS CALIBRATED LORRI KEM1 V5.0, NH-A-LORRI-3-KEM1-V5.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2022."

Older versions of this data set:

NH-A-LORRI-3-KEM1-V4.0 Browse (32.7 GB) Download (12.1 GB)
NH-A-LORRI-3-KEM1-V3.0 Browse (7.4 GB) Download (3.7 GB)
NH-A-LORRI-3-KEM1-V2.0 Browse (2.8 GB) Download (1.5 GB)
NH-A-LORRI-3-KEM1-V1.0 Browse (1.9 GB) Download (1.1 GB)

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