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New Horizons ALICE Pluto Cruise Calibrated Data v2.0


Abstract: This data set contains Calibrated data taken by the New Horizons Alice Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph instrument during the pluto cruise mission phase. This is VERSION 2.0 of this data set. ALICE Activities Overview at Annual CheckOuts (ACOs) during the Pluto Cruise mission phase started with the standard WakeUp sequence (memory/code checks, aperture door performance test, pixelhack issue verification, 24 hours of decontamination and three one hour dark observations) and finished with the standard Button-Up sequence (code and parameter refresh). Other activities (with targets as noted) were calibrations for flux (Spica, rho-Leo, gamma-Grus, HD93521, Sun in Solar OCcultation Channel, SOCC), flatfield (rho-Leo), airglow scattered light and SOCC pointing calibrations (Spica, zeta-Pup), SOCC flat (Sun), dark sky stares, spinning dark observations (in some cases the Sun strobes through the slit), pointing and short wavelength calibration (HD93521), InterPlanetary Medium (IPM) histograms and pixellist observations, dual target tests (HD214680 = 8 Lac, HD214168 = 10 Lac), MEV Solar Wind (HEET) baseine observation, Pluto encounter rehearsals, and instrument interference tests. The changes in Version 2.0 were re-running of the ancillary data in the data product, updated geometry from newer SPICE kernels, minor editing of the documentation, catalogs, etc., and resolution of liens from the December, 2014 review, plus those from the May, 2016 review of the Pluto Encounter data sets. New observations added with this version (V2.0) include IPM histogram scans in December, 2014, which failed.

NH-X-ALICE-3-PLUTOCRUISE-V2.0 Intro Doc Browse Download (799.8 MB)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "Stern, A., NEW HORIZONS Calibrated ALICE PLUTO CRUISE V2.0, NH-X-ALICE-3-PLUTOCRUISE-V2.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2016."

Older versions of this data set:

NH-X-ALICE-3-PLUTOCRUISE-V1.0 Browse Download (790.0 MB)

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