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Rosetta-Lander ROLIS Separation Descent Landing 67P Calibrated Data


Abstract: This archive contains calibrated images from the ROLIS instrument onboard ROSETTA Lander, acquired during the SDL phase. The primary target is the comet 67P/CHURYUMOV-GERASIMENKO. It also contains documentation which describes the ROLIS experiment. The data archived in this data set conform to the Planetary Data System (PDS) Standards, Version 3.6.

RL-C-ROLIS-3-SDL-V1.0 Browse Download (26.0 MB)

Citation to use when referencing this data set: "S. Mottola, W. Bresch, R. Schroedter, ROSETTA-LANDER 67P ROLIS 3 SDL V1.0, RL-C-ROLIS-3-SDL-V1.0, ESA Planetary Science Archive and NASA Planetary Data System, 2017."

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