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Rosetta-Orbiter RPCMAG Rendezvous Manoeuvre 1 Raw Data v9.0


Abstract: This dataset contains EDITED RAW DATA (CODMAC LEVEL 2) of the RENDEZVOUS MANOEUVRE 1 (RVM1) from November 22, 2010 until December 06, 2010 of the ROSETTA orbiter magnetometer RPCMAG. The current version of the dataset is V9.0. The difference to the datasets of earlier versions is mainly a significantly improved sensor temperature model, more detailed documentation about magnetic disturbance sources, more data handling information for the user and also an improved quality flagging system. This applies mainly to CALIBRATED and RESAMPLED datasets. The RAW dataset, however, has been updated as well in order provide all datasets at the same stage, although RAW data proper did not change.

RO-SS-RPCMAG-2-RVM1-RAW-V9.0 Browse (98.9 MB) Download (85.6 MB)

PDS citation information for this data set: "Richter I., Glassmeier K.-H., Goetz C., Koenders C., Eichelberger. H, Cupido E., ROSETTA-ORBITER SW RPCMAG 2 RVM1 RAW V9.0, RO-SS-RPCMAG-2-RVM1-RAW-V9.0, ESA Planetary Science Archive and NASA Planetary Data System, 2019."

Older versions of this data set:

RO-SS-RPCMAG-2-RVM1-RAW-V3.0 Browse (52.5 MB) Download (47.1 MB)

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